June 21, 2011

Crafting Queen

So last weekend, the future Mr and I painted a table that we got from my dad to be used in my craft room (which used to be known as the guest room). But I forgot to take pictures of it on my camera and I can't figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to my blog. Grr... technology. Anyway, the room has inspired me to work on projects. Although, I can't actually work in my craft room yet. Well I could but I'm choosing not too. You see, I have a litte 13 inch TV that I bought when I was in 6th grade (11-ish years ago). It was the first "big" thing I bought. I saved my money and I bought it. And I loved it. Well, I loved it so much that I still have it. So I thought I would use it in my craft room with the DVD player that my Mom gave me for Christmas, since the craft room doesn't have a cable cord. So on Sunday night I went to plug it in and there isn't a DVD hook-up on the back of the TV!! What?! I didn't know that there weren't TV without hook-ups! So I don't have anything to watch/listen to while crafting in my craft room. So I will craft in the living room until I get a new TV.

But I'm crafting which is good.

The future Mr. and I have 5 weddings to go to this summer so I had to think of something that I could make, because buying gifts off of 5 wedding registries would get to be a little much and break this girls bank.

While I was in Colorado with the fam this spring, I saw this cool picture frame that was basically a block of wood with a pretty clothes pin on it and a quote about love across the bottom. I took a picture of it on my phone so I would remember it. And I thought- what a great wedding gift! And it's something that I could make for little $$. So I got the future Mr. to cut up some blocks of wood for me, since he's a carpenter he just kept left over pieces and cut them to the size I wanted- cost to me $0.
I had him cut 7 of these for me. I figured I better have 2 that I could mess up on, just incase.

Then I went to Wal*Mart and got sandpaper, white wall paint (that we used for the craft room table too), brown and blue craft-y paint and regular clothes pins. All together they were less then $15.

I started by sanding each block a little then painting them brown.

After letting them dry, I sanded them a little more then painted just the tops blue. Then I let them dry again (this part is kind of boring), sanded the again, and painted them white.

After they were dry again, I sanded them big time to give them a distressed look.

During one of those drying cycles, I painted the clothes pins brown too
This is where they split a litt. I couldn't really decide how to write the love quotes on the blocks. I wasn't sure if I wanted to cut vinyl with my cricut, or if I wanted to free hand love quotes, or if I wanted to print them off on the computer. So I tried the cricut and the computer

The block on the left is just distressed with the clothes pin attached (with hot glue). The one on the right has 1 Cornthians 13:4-8a printed off an ink jet printer the attached with Elmer's school glue and distresses, with a clothes pin attached.

Then I added words that I cut from vinyl on the cricut
With the words, the picture would have to be a 3x5. So I might just put the word "love" at the bottom and not do names at the top. I can't decide.

After I did this to the distressed block, the 1 Corinthians block looked like it was missing something
So I added the word love and a picture of me and two of my high school besties at a wedding last summer.

But that isn't the only craft project I've done this week!

I gave this picture frame a major make over:

Last June I orderd a really cute expression from UpperCase Living. It's a chef's hat and spoon and it says bon appetit! And it's a beautiful red color. Well I've been looking for a frame to put it in. All I needed was the outside and the glass. I bought one at Wal*Mart but I got home and it wasn't the right size so I had to take it back. Then this beauty came into the rummage sale that we have a church every spring. Score! Well, it's been sitting in my sun room since early May.

Until last night! I used some the of sandpaper from the block proect and sanded down the frame. Then I took out the picture and the backing so all that was left was the glass and I bent the hooks back down to keep the glass in place. Then I put masking tape around the outside of the glass, where it meets the frame so I wouldn't get paint on it.
My supplies. I ended up needing another paint brush, one with actual bristles that were pretty stiff to get into the carving details around the outside.
Here's the finished project:

Now it just needs to be hung in my kitchen :)

This is what my living room has looked like since Sunday

I actually cleaned up a little for this picutre. There was more newpaper that I used while painting the frame over by the fireplace, and there was the backing paper from the UpperCase Living expression, and the original innerds from the frame.
I'll have to clean tomorrow, we're suppose to have Sr. Hi youth group at my house tomorrow night.

Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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