June 27, 2011

Camp... Again :)

I am back at camp this week with my 8th and 9th graders. Thankfully, my computer works this week!! I have no idea what was wrong with it before (the wireless switch was on and I was in range of the router).

I have 6 kids from my church and 2 from another church here this week. It's so much fun to see them enjoying camp and each other and not having to be in charge of anything. I love my job, but during the school year it is a lot of work to plan bible studies and games every Wednesday (or whenever I get together with them). So it's really nice to come to camp and be able to be a part of those fun things but letting someone else do the planning/work. It's also nice to know that they (the kids) are getting spiritually fed by someone else and it's cool to know that there are other young people that care about them.

The weather has been kind of icky again this week. It stormed big time last night and it was rainy earlier today. It's kind of nice now. The sun is out but it's windy. I hope that it gets nicer for the sake of the kids.


So the future Mr. and I decided that I would join his cell phone plan since my family plan with dad and Katie is up. Well it was up on June 4th but we just went to a month to month plan with Sprint. The future Mr. and I decided this weekend that I would join his plan at Verizon. Which meant that I could get the iPhone :) So on Saturday the future Mr. and I went to Verizon. While that guy was inputting our info, the computer went down. Not just his computer, all of Verizon. When he finally got thro to customer service the lady told him that they had 500 calls on hold still that they hadn't been able to answer yet.

If the future Mr. and I lived in the same town this wouldn't be a problem. We would just have been able to go back today when he was done with work. But we don't live in the same town. We live 100 miles apart. And right now I'm 130 miles from my house and 45 from his house. And I drove the church vehicle this week so it's not like I can just run over there for an hour or two.

And it wouldn't be a problem to wait until I'm back home again if the data plans weren't changing. On July 8th Verizon is changing their data packages for smart phones (which the iPhone is). Right now for $30 a month you get unlimited data, well after July 8th you'll only get 2 gb of data per month for $30.

So hopefully we'll be able to find some time this coming weekend when I'm home again (for wedding #2 of the summer, I'll have the update from last weekend's wedding in this weeks WW). And hopefully the same guy is working, it wasn't his fault that we weren't able to get things finished last weekend, and I know that they work on commission. 

Hopefully I'll be able to blog from my phone soon, from my iPhone :) a-woo-hoo!!

I hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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