June 9, 2011


As things were winding down at church in May I was very much looking forward to summer and to being able to relax a little bit. It hasn't happened yet.

This week we're doing Vacation Bible School at church. The only time I liked doing VBS was when I volunteered to help at my parents church in high school because that was the only time I had nothing to do with planning and it was the only model of VBS that I knew. Then I went away to work at Bible Camp and we did VBS. It wasn't terribly bad if you weren't the lead person on your team for the week. But it was kind of boring to do the same thing over and over. There were weeks that we would do VBS Sun, Mon, Tues at one church then start over and do the exact same thing Wed, Thur, Fri at another church. Talk about exhausting.

Now I have to do it as part of my job at church. Last year was fine becuase I was only here for one night since I had to get meet my 6th and 7th graders at camp. Well this year camp's start date got pushed back a week, I don't know why. But as I bi-product of camp being pushed back, I have to do VBS. I'm frustrated with the way our Christian Ed board chooses to do things. I'm frustrated with the holes in our curriculum (we're re-using one from 6 or 7 years ago). I'm frustrated with parents who are just using us as a babysitting service and aren't backing any of this up at home.

We have one 4 year old boy that comes to VBS. He has been here each night but he spends half of each night in the naughty chair. He's the only one that we've had to put in the naughty chair. He hits other kids, he kicks other kids, he throws things, and he doesn't understand that any of it is wrong. I can't help but wonder what goes on at their house as I'm putting him in the naughty chair, explainging to him why he's in the naughty chair, and making sure that he doesn't get up. It's exhausting.

Last night I found myself wishing that he would've just stayed at home. As soon as I thought that, I felt horrible. Here I am, trying to do God's work, trying to teach these kids Bible stories, and I was wishing that one of them wasn't even here. And he's probably the one that needs it most!

It's easy to talk about Bible stories with the kids who are here every Sunday and who's parents volunteer at church and who read the stories at home. It's alot harder to talk to the ones that don't know anything. But they are the ones that need this. They are the ones that we are doing this for. Now I just need to remember that.

Next week, well really we leave on Sunday so in only a few days I get to go to camp with the 6th and 7th graders from church. That should be a little bit of relaxation for me. But on Monday I'll have to go to my parent's church for an LYO meeting. Then hopefully I'll get to hang out with the future Mr for dinner and stay at my mom and dad's before I go back to camp for the rest of the week. Then I'll bring the kids home on Friday and I will literally turn and burn back to my mom and dad's so that we can go to the lake cabin for the weekend. Yay!! Hopefully it will be nice so we can actually be out on the lake for a while and work on our tans.

This summer might hold some relaxation for me yet...

Love, a future Mrs.

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