June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

192 days to go!
Dress shopping round #1

On Saturday March 5th I went dress shopping with my mom, sister, and bestie from high school Tasha. We went to Alan Evans which is a bridal salon in Moorhead, MN. I only tried on 3 dresses there and I was in love with the 2nd dress that I put on. It was beautiful. Then we went and had lunch at a resturante called Ushers (so good! Thanks for introducing it to me Kris J!). After that we had an appointment at David's Bridal in West Fargo. There we met my future Mother In Law,my sister in law to be, and my good friend Lacey. I probably tried on 8 dresses there. Here are some pictures of the highlights for you:
I had a picture of this one before we even got to the store. It was on my list of HAD to try ons. That's our sales girl Ally behind me- isn't she cute? I really liked her. And I really liked this dress. PS- that is my mother's vail that I have on, and it's the one that I'll be wearing on my wedding day- isn't that sweet?
I really like the front of this dress is was lacy and sparkly up on top with cap sleeves and an open back. The back was weird though. It was kind of bunched in the middle and drapped on the sides, it made my backside look large. No good. And it was really itchy. I probably had it on for less then 5 minutes and I was all red when I took it off.
Everyone else really liked this dress, but there was just too much gathering going on for me.

Another angle of the same dress. It's pretty but it wasn't MY dress.

That's my bestie Tasha sitting on the floor with the camera in her hand. I like her.

If the future Mr. and I were having a destination wedding on a beach somewhere this is the dress that I would be wearing. I loved it. But it wouldn't be any good in northern MN in Dec.

For every dress that I liked I made my sister make sure that she could walk and sit next to me since I'll have to walk and sit close to people when I wear the dress for real. She didn't really like that I made her be the boy. Thanks Katie- you're such a good sport :)

And the winner is...

The dress with the bow! It has a matching flower girl dress too! Isn't it cute?!

Then I let my bridesmaids loose on the store. My goal was to get b-maid dresses that day too since 4 of them were able to be there shopping with me. I had an idea of what I wanted for their dresses but I wanted them to have something that they liked and that they were comfortable in. And this is what they found...

They won't all be different colors. They just happen to be these colors in sizes that fit all of them. Tasha is on the far left and she is wearing the actual color. And they will have lime green sashs just under their bust lines. You can kind of see where the dress goes the other way and has a little bunching- that part will be lime green. Yay!

Then my sister is in the pink, then me, then my friend Lacey, and then my sister in law to be Lindsay.

And all of our dresses have pockets. Bonus!

Now, you're probably wondering why this is titled "Wedding dress shopping round #1" and why I'm putting these pictures on here when I don't want the future Mr. to see them.

Well after we left David's Bridal my mom, Tasha, and I went to Applebee's for celebratory drinks and appetizers. They had to talk me into the dress there. Then while I was driving back to my northern town I cried... for most of the drive. I had total buyer's remorse. I looked at pictures on my camera when I got home and all I could think was that I had made a mistake. I honestly didn't like anything about the dress and how it looked on me when I looked at the pictures. So I called my mom and she basically told me that she had already put the dress on her credit card and there was nothing we could do about it now. Then she called back the next morning and told me to call David's Bridal and see if they could put my order on hold for a few days while I thought about it.

They couldn't.

They had already ordered the dress. Ugh. But they did tell me that I could exchange my dress for anything in the store. They couldn't give me my money back but I could use it for the b-maid dresses that hadn't been ordered yet. Sweet.

2 weeks later I got an e-mail from DB that my dress had come in already. So mom and I went in and tired it on. I still didn't like it. That's when we decided that we'd use the money we orignially spent on that dress for b-maid dresses and that we needed to go back to Alan Evans and try on the other one again...

More on that next week :)

Love, a future Mrs.

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