February 28, 2011

Weekend Projects

What a difference $20 makes!
Old mirror- trying to take a picture of my Valentine's shirt!

New mirror! Yay!

This weekend my future Mr. and I made a little update to my bedroom! We got rid of my old mirror, that I'm pretty sure I got in like 8th grade. The actual mirror was not connected to the backer board or the frame, they were 3 seperate pieces. I had painted the frame from it's original brown to black so that it would match the things in my room in my college rental house. It had a cute strawberry shortcake sticker on it :) That old mirror and I had been through a lot together! But she had seen better days.

You can't see it in that picture but all of my make-up/getting ready supplies (brush, comb. hairspray, bobby pins, moisturizer, curling iron, etc.) are on the floor around the bottom of the mirror. And there's a Tommy Hilfiger bag off the right of the mirror that it being used as a garbage bag.

So on Friday night my future Mr. and I went to Wal*Mart where we found a pretty white full length mirror for $6.50! Then we bought some eye hooks for the back ($0.97 for 8 of them!) and I had some ribbon at home. The future Mr. put a nail in the wall and I hung the mirror from the ribbon.

We had also bought the cool cube storage things that Wal*Mart had. They're from this build your own storage system line. Anyway, you're suppose to be able to buy these cubes then they sell shelf inserts and drawer inserts so they really are customizable. Well apparently this northern girl can't read! All of the ones that I bought were "innerds". So they were the inserts: dividers, shelfs, drawers. I had gotten everything BUT the actual cubes. So on Saturday we returned them and headed over to K-Mart becuase they has shelfs on sale and I picked out this low to the ground 2 shelf model. I think it was made for shoes but it looks great with all of my make-up/getting ready supplies on it! And it was only $10! And my Tommy garbage bag is now off to the left and it looks more at home.

So, less then $20 made a huge impact on my bedroom!

I also made huge strides on my button pillow project this weekend. (Although I don't think my future Mr. is as excited about this as the mirror!)

Supplies: White fabric, thread, needle, white buttons

I started working on this with no hoop and it was really hard and really slow going!

After I added the hoop it went much faster!

Just showing porgress

One full hoop= 1/4 of the pillow. Maybe at 12x12 pillow was the wrong size to start with...

Finally! The whole thing is covered!

This one took almost a whole month! I started on Feb. 6th and I got the hoop on the 7th. I've worked a little bit here and there and I finally got it done! Well I got the buttons done. Now I'll sew it onto another piece of white fabric and then use a third piece to make a pillow case out of it.

My future Mr. can't figure this project out. I don't think he understands the concept of a decorative pillow. He keeps asking me- won't the buttons hurt your face? How are you suppose to lay on that? I tried to explain to him that it's just for looks but he doesn't understand.

On top of looking cool there is another reason that I love this pillow. All of the buttons were donated and have been used before. Most of them are from the ladies that go to my church. Shh! I told them it was for a craft project with little kids! And the rest of the buttons still will be- I just used the white ones! But some of the buttons are from my Grandma. There is something to special to me about the ones from my Grandma. Because she's used them before it's like we're connected through this craft. And I love it. But not nearly as much as I love her.

I hope you're having a great day!

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