February 9, 2011


So, through different blogs that I read I have been inspired to craft more. I've always been kind of craft-y but it's been a while since I really made things. Meg over at Whatever has TONS of fun ideas down the right hand side of her blog and even more great ideas from her girls crafting weekend a while back. I jotted down some ideas last week and got supplies this weekend while I was at mom and dad's (hence the multiple trips to Ben Franklin and Wal*Mart's fabric department!). And I'd like to share with you some of the things that I have made/started making.

Valentine's Shirt (I found this idea on Meg's blog- see the link above):
White shirt, heart shaped doilys, paint brush. paint, rolling pin, and newspaper (not pictured)
1. Lay the doily face up on newspaper, paint evenly with more paint then you think you need. I just painted the doily and there wasn't enough paint to transfer to the shirt
2. Lay the painted doily, paint side down, on your shirt (I put newspaper in between the front and back of the shirt so the paint didn't bleed through)
3. Set newspaper on top of your doily and roll with the rolling pin to transfer the paint to the shirt.
4. Remove the newspaper and doily to reveal your painted shirt
5. Repeat with other shapes/colors
6. Let dry. Wear. And enjoy!
*Please pretend that this picture is up and down since I'm wearing the shirt :)

Button pillow case:
Since I want to completely re-do my living room but I don't have lots of money I've been trying to think of ways to make little changes. So I'm making pillow cases for each of the pillows on my couch. This one was inspired by a bracelet that I made with kids at Bible Camp this summer- the button bracelet! I had the little old ladies from my church donate buttons to make these bracelets and the ladies DELIVLERED! I have soooo many buttons. So now I'm make a cool pillow case.

White fabric (mine is a little larger 12x12 since that's what my pillows are), buttons of desired color (I went with all white), needle and thread.
Sew the buttons on all over the fabric.
In random order.
I suppose you could do a pattern or make letters. That would be cool.
The first night I just tried putting the buttons the the fabric.
This was really hard.
I couldn't keep the fabric flat or tight and I just had a really hard time.
So the next day I went and got an embrodery (sp?) hoop.
Now we're talking AND making progress!!!
This picture is after day 2 of work.
Today is day 4.
There are lots more buttons on it now :)
In fact I had to move the hoop this morning after crafting for a while!
But it's slow going. This is much more time consuming then I thought it would be. I'm not sure why I thought it would be so easy/quick. I've sewed lots of buttons on in my life and I know how long it takes to put one on. I don't know why I thought 100's would go quick!
But I love it.
And I think it will be really beautiful when it's all done.
More pictures later/when it's finished!

Happy crafting!
Hope you're having a great day!

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