February 18, 2011

Emily is a Queen!!!

Emily and her boyfriend Ben.
His shirt says "That's my girlfriend! Emily for queen!"

Cameron, Emily, and Natalie.
The queen with her parents! She's so sparkely!

So today was Snofest coronation at the high school here in my northern town. My friend Molly's oldest daughter Emily was up for queen. They do Snofest a little different here then they did at my high school. When I was in high school each of the underclass grade (fresh, soph, and jr) voted one boy and one girl from their grade to be the attendants. But the seniors got to vote in 5 or 6 boys and 5 or 6 girls. Then on Monday of Snofest week the whole school voted for the senior boy and senior girl from the 5 or 6 that they wanted to be king and queen. Then the king and queen got to reign over the week of activities. But here they do it different. Each grade, including seniors, just gets to vote for 1 boy and 1 girl. Then all week during snofest they have different competitions to get points. Some competitions include dress up days. Each day during the week is a different theme and they got points for how many people in their grade dressed up. They had a penny war this week and they got points for that, they got points for their grade if they showed up at sporting events, I'm sure there were other things that I didn't know about. Well, all week long they accumulate these points and on Friday afternoon they have coronation. Then they crown the king and queen which is decided by which grade had the most points. So the freshmen could end up being the king and queen. How dumb is that?!? But this year the seniors won which is great!

Emily did not wear the corsage that I made for her. The school got ones for all of them that match. So I told her she could just keep it and wear it for something else if she wants or I could make it into a necklace for her.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!
I know I will! My future Mr. is coming up tonight and my dad and sister are coming tomorrow!! Then on Sunday we're all going skiing with kids from church. :)


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