February 4, 2011

Slow Down

As I was driving home to my parents house yesterday I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the scenery was. The sun was setting off to my right and there were so many snow covered trees that looked amazing with the sun shining through them. I statred wondering why I had never noticed before and then I remembered that I normally drive home at night, when it's much darker. Yesterday I left my town at 4 which is at least 2 hours earlier then normal. Then I found myself wishing I had a nicer camera so that I could take pictures of some of these beautiful trees, and then I found myself being jealous of some of the blogs I follow of women that take beautiful pictures with their nice cameras and all I have is a crappy $90 digital one.

Today I got my fill of craft stores/supplies. In my northern town I don't have a craft store- no Micheals, no JoAnn Fabric, no Ben Franklin. And our Wal*Mart doesn't have fabric which means that they don't really have a craft department :( But my parent's town has a Ben Franklin AND a Wal*Mart with fabric. So I went to both today. And I got supplies to make some cute crafts that I saw on other blogs. I'll post pictures and links when I actually get around to the crafts. I'll probably go back to one or both of the stores before the weekend is over, I'm sure I'll think of more things that I need.

While at Wal*Mart today I also got a set of white long sleeve onesies and cute pink pants with ruffles on the bottome for Mr. Boyfriend's cousin that had a baby right after Christmas. We had gotten them a cute red and pink sweater from Old Navy when the baby was born but I could never get their address to send it to them. Then on Wednesday night Mr. Boyfriend told me that an invite had come in the mail for his mom and sister for his cousin's baby shower. So I'll tag along and give her our gift then. Hopefully she likes it- I think it's really cute. And you should have seen the look on my mom's face when I showed the sweater to her. I didn't tell her who it was for so she thought that I was telling her I was preggo. Haha! Priceless! I already know how I will let my mother know when I am preggo- it will be great, and funny :)

Hope you're all having a great Friday- it's nice and warm here in northern MN- I didn't even have to wear a jacket outside this afternoon- just my sweatshirt!!!

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