February 5, 2011

Lonely Saturday

So normally I'm not on the computer on the weekend. Since I spend so much of my week in front of my computer at work, I'd rather not spend my weekend on it too. But today I am at my parents house and I'm bored. Mom, Dad, Katie (sister), and Katie's friend who came home for the weekend from college with Katie are all out working at the bar my mom manages. Today is the the big snowmobile run that Mr. Boyfriend is on and my mom's bar is one of the stops. Since it's a big snowmobile run they need extra help at the bar so everyone is working today. Except for me. I didn't make up my mind til Monday that I'd be coming home this weekend and by that time Mom had enough help for today. Then I found out about the baby shower this afternoon so it's probably good that I'm not working... But I'm bored waiting for this shower.

I've been reading blogs and clicking on other blogs that people follow. I've been finding lots of craft projects that I'd like to do. I've been listening to Pandora. I've been creeping on facebook.

I think I'll go get ready for this baby shower then go to Ben Franklin and Wal*Mart (again!) to get more crafty supplies, that way if everyone is still gone when I get back from the shower I'll have something to do. And if I don't get to any of these crafty projects this weekend I can start on them this week... Maybe. Or they'll wait for a rainy day :) (or snowy in my northern town!) Again- pictures and links when I'm done :)


Ps- It is so nice here in this northern town again today! I went out this morning and only wore my northface fleece! Yay!

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