February 17, 2011

A Gift for Emily

So Molly's oldest daughter, Emily, was nominated to be the senior class attendant on the Snoball court at out local high school. Tomorrow we will find out if she gets to be the queen. I think she will be. Everyone loves her, she is such a sweet girl!

Well, last Friday when I got to play mom to Molly's other children while she and Blaine to Emily to do some college stuff, they also went shopping and got Emily a dress for coronation and the Snoball dance. It's a beautiful blue and green dress that hits her just above the knee- it's beautiful.

While I was looking through Meg's Blog I found these cute crafty flowers from Little Miss Momma. So that inspired me to start making some cute flowers. I couldn't decide if I wanted a necklace or not but I knew I wanted to do something with these flowers. So I thought I would make enough to cover the front of a pillow to help change the look of my couch. Then I bought some Zebra strip fabric to see what the flowers look like if you use a patterned fabric. Still super cute. And my sister loves Zebra print so I thought I'd maybe make something for her. But the more that I looked at that Zebra flower the more it reminded me of Emily. So I made a bright blue fabric flower and a third flower with some green fabric that looks like water was spilled on it while it was drying so it isn't a solid color. Then I glued them all to felt like LMM has you do in her tutorial. But instead of adding a chain for a necklace I added some ribbon to make it a corsage for her to wear to coronation on Friday!

That's on my wrist just so I could show you some pictures before I gave it to her. 

Emily said that she isn't sure if they get corsages or not. So I'll give you an update later as to weather or not she wears it with her dress for coronation. I told her that if she doesn't like it she doesn't have to wear it. I just thought that the Zebra flower looked like her and I thought she might like it. So hopefully she does and hopefully she gets to wear it. Who knows, maybe she and her friends will all like them and I'll get tons of orders for prom, maybe they'll all want my fabric flowers instead of the expensive real ones from the flower shop. A girl can dream, right?


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