March 28, 2013

ombre update

hey friends,
you can read all about my jump onto the ombre trend train in this post.
and i'm here with an update for you.
i really thought this was going to be an easy look to keep up.
i promised the mr after that first visit to the salon put an $80 dent in our checkbook (then $25 for the new curling iron), that would be it.
then i went in for a hair cut and root touch up 2 months after i took the plunge.
and i decided that the ends needed a blonde touch up as well.
then i said goodbye to another $80.
and the mr doesn't even like it.
well, i shouldn't say that. he just likes it better all brown. and straight. no waves.
so what do i do? curl it all the time. wife of the year, right?
but i haven't taken my cone curling iron out in a long time- i've been using my med. barrel normal curling iron.
same idea as with the cone- wrap the hair around the iron instead of clamping it and you'll get a totally different look. my curls are much looser and beach-ier. see:
when i look at this picture i think i need bangs.
not blunt ones, sweepy side ones.
so, long story short-
when my roots are in need of a touch up we'll be saying goodbye to the ombre look.
but we'll be keeping the waves from time to time now that i have them figured out.
marriage is all about compromise, right?
love, mrs. k

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  1. Don't you love it when you do something dramatic with your hair and the Mr. isn't a huge fan? When I cut 7 inches off my hair all he kept saying was "it's really short". I actually like it better this way and am thinking about taking a little more off when I go in for a trim. I've decided that if I just don't ask him what he thinks about it then I wont be upset when he doesn't like it lol