February 7, 2013

that one time i went ombre

i tend to jump on the bandwagon for fashion trends. i just jump a little late.
not this time! i love the ombre hair look. and i'm not really sure why because i hate it when people's roots are super visable. but there's something about the ombre. it's a littly funky & a little different without making a big committment.
so mid december i went to visit my stylist. i showed her a bunch of pinterest pictures (you can check them out here) and asked if she could make my hair look like them. she said "... sure? i'll have to wing it cuz i haven't really done it before tho." normally that would have sent me running for the hills. i love my hair, it's long and healthy and beautiful. no taking chances here. not kidding, 3 summers ago when i cut 8 inches to donate to locks of love i cried. more than once.
but something in me said go for it. so we scheduled an appointment (a 4 hour appointment) for a few days later.
we had to dye it twice. the first time didn't have the effect we were looking for. ugh...
then she curled it up and gave me some sweet 'beach-y' waves. i had to know how to get those waves. it couldn't just be a secret that salons were keeping from me and it couldn't be a difficult as pinterest made it seem. actually pinterest makes it seem easy- actually achieving said look is the hard part.
anyway- my stylist told me how to do it. hallelujah chorus!!
this is the one sweet little tool that you need:
a cone curling iron! $25 at your local wal*mart. your welcome. for loose beach-y waves you need to take bigger sections of hair and wrap them around the barrel. start at the base where the barrel is biggest and wrap towards the bottom or the skinniest part. then you alternate directions that you wrap so that your curls/waves aren't all going the same way. this takes a little finnesing (sp?) but you get used to it, you have to hold the iron upside down. so for me, being right handed, i hold the red part in my right hand and wrap my hair with my left hand. i usually look like monkey while doing this because i have my arm up over my head. whateves.

and this is what you get:
i usually grab medium sized pieces of hair. my hair has a hard time holding curls so then as the day goes it gets looser & beach-ier.
y'all i get so many compliments on this! i've had people ask if i got a perm, i've had people stop and ask my how to do their hair like this, i've had people tell me they aren't fans of the ombre look but that i can really pull it off. i don't know how i feel about that last one.
then there are days that i'm to lazy/i like sleeping to much to get up in time to do this to my hair and this is what it looks like:
this is my hair naturally- all i did was put a little volume mousse in and blow dried it. no straightener no nothing. seriously- does not hold a curl well at all.

i was worried when i first had it died that i wouldn't be able to wear it straight. i thought i would have to curl it so that you wouldn't be able to see 'the line' between the light and dark. but no worries- there isn't a line! i love it! thanks stylist amanda!!

love, mrs. k

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  1. love it! i wish my hair was naturally straight, that would save me so much time. im hoping that the ombre look is still in when my hair gets longer bc i want to try it!