March 6, 2013

closet challenge/what i wore

oh man! did i pick a bad time to start my closet challenge again!!
first the ski trip and now moving- i feel like i haven't worn 'real' clothes in weeks :)
and now, i live less than 3 miles from a target AND an old navy, this not buying new things is going to be tough.
just a few outfits to share again this week:
last thur- wore this while packing up my old office. super comfy.
plaid shirt- JCP
black shirt- maurices
jeans- american eagle
yesterday- my first day at my new job.
i wanted to look grown up but not old.
and i wasn't sure how 'formal' my new coworkers would be so i didn't want to be over or under dressed. nailed it!
cardi- target
chambray- old navy
scarf- ameican eagle
jeans- JCP
shoes- k*mart
and today's outfit. first wednesday at my new church.
again- wasn't sure how formal people would be since there's worship tonight and wednesday's are kind of big in churches.
i did not nail it today- i feel a little over dressed.
the associate pastor and the ed director both have jeans on.
oh well, i'm comfy :)
cardi- target
scarf- wal*mart
maxi dress- JCP
shoes-burlington coat factory
don't forget to head over to the pleated poppy to see what lindsay and her friends are wearing this week!
love, mrs. k

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