March 11, 2013

first weekend in fargo

our first weekend in fargo sure was busy!!
the mr didn't get to town til about 10 pm (he stayed in our last northern town to work all last week)and we went right to the hopsital to visit his grandma.
the doctors aren't really sure what's wrong with her, please pray for my mr's family.
then we went home and got to spend our first night together in our new apartment!!
saturday morning i went to meet my sister in law to go look for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding in october. here are our top 3 picks:
this is the color that whatever dress we get will be in. david's bridal calls it plum.
the boys (the mr included!) will wear brown with plum and moss green accents. it's going to be pretty.
i personally prefer the third dress, the y neck.
i think it would look the best on all of us and it has the best reviews on the website.
i would be happy in any of these dresses but i'd prefer a short one. i just think that they're easier to wear again and easier to dance in. my girl friends will tell you that i prefer short ones because i have the best legs... and that might be part of the reason ;)
amd! all three dresses will work for a preggo gal! another bridesmaid is having a baby in sept so she's worried about post baby body (the wedding is the 2nd weekend in oct). thank goodness she brought it up so i didn't have to spill the beans that we're going to be trying to get preggo soon. and, as much as i love my sister in law, i'm not planning babies around anyone's weddings. well, except ours, we planned around that one.
after dress shopping the mr and i went to lunch with my sister then back to the hospital for a while.
sunday was my first sunday at my new church. this is going to take some getting used to. it's so different than my first church.
finished the weekend by hanging out with my bestie (hi lacey!!), working on a craft project, and having a late dinner at jl beers (yum-O!).
happy monday!
hope you had a great weekend!
love, mrs. k

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  1. My sister in law had the last dress in the exact same color for her wedding. It was so flattering on all body types and really comfortable. I actually did where mine again for a formal dinner on a cruise. It was fun to where it again. And the second time I wore it I was 17 weeks pregnant. So there that just about covers it all. :) All of the dresses are pretty though.