March 19, 2013


back again to share my fashion choices with y'all (somedays i wish i was from the south so that would actually work!)
last wednesday- they had an ice cream social at church for me to meet all of the kids & some parents. so i wanted to be comfy but i also wanted to look stylish so kids would think i'm cool.
necklace- vintage wanna bee love this necklace- srsly, i get so many compliments on it
chambray- old navy
white skinnies- JCP
knock off TOMS- k*mart
jacket- target
mint tunic- vanity
leggings- wal*mart: double layered because it's cold here
boots: payless
i like this outfit but i found myself pulling at the tunic all day trying to make sure it covered my bottom. can  you wear a tunic with jeans? or do i just need to get over it?
cardi- wal*mart
pink chambray- old navy: this is another piece that i get lots of compliments on
jeans- american eagle
knock off chucks- wal*mart
i wore this last friday when i got together with some high school girl friends for lunch. i LOVE that i can do that now :)
BONUS!! the mr makes an apperance!
st. patty's day pub crawl his and hers #ootd
hat- amerian eagle
plaid button up- h & m
jeans- american eagle but second hand
headband- made by me
scarf- target
cardi- target
green tee- old navy
jeans- american eagle
st. patty's day!
headband- made by me
cardi- target
lucky lut'erns shirt- Old Lutheran
white skinnies- JCP
sparkly tennis- american eagle
monday was a snow day!
hello sweatpants & slouchy t-shirt!
peace tee day!
go here and tell shannon you'd be interested in ordering your own. you won't regret it, i promise!
cardi- target
jeans- vanity
head on over to the pleated poppy to see what everyone else wore this week!
love, mrs. k

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