March 25, 2013

hey! that's pin-tastic!

lately miss AP has been taking a break from hosting 'hey! that's pin-tastic!'. which is totally fine cuz she's a super busy mama. but it means that my pinterest projects have been backing up waiting to be shared with you! so, here are some of my pinterest projects from the new apartment! (maybe later this week i'll actually be able to give you a 'tour' of the new place!!)

first up: guest bathroom
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my creation
got the jar at target for $7.50 and filled it with all of my travel size goodies from various hotel stays. yes, i'm the girl that always takes the small shampoo & conditioner, and i may also grab some off the cleaning lady's cart. i can't stop myself. this isn't even my whole collection. i feel a little like monica from friends when her boyfriend brings her hotel toiletries from japan. i would die- that would be so cool to have international toiletries!!
now onto the kitchen
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my creation
i love this. so much that i'm going to need another one for sandwich baggies.
the magazine thing (does it have a real name?) is from ikea. pack of 5 for $3 (i think).
so great. do this. you'll thank me.
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ok, so i didn't take a picture of these. oops. but i did do this. and i love it. keeps them all in one place. the only thing is, the big ones are kind of hard to get out, you have to kind of fold them in half to get them to come out. but it's better than just having them float around you baking cabinet.
speaking of that baking cabinet- what a pain in the behind to keep organized.
for a type a girl like me organization is key.
this is what my pan cabinet looked like when we unpacked
such a mess!
and the pans that i use the most often are my biggest cookie sheets, but they're big so they had to go on the bottom. ugh!! i really wanted to stand them up on their side but with the pesky shelf there, they were too tall.
and my cabinet full of baking supplies wasn't much better.
exhibit a
seriously- how are you suppose to find anything in there and then get it out?
ps- you can totally see my mason jars at work holding thier cupcake liners!!
enter this pin
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i just love those baskets from the dollar tree. the dollar tree in our northern town did not have them but now that we live in the booming metropolis that is the fm area we have a bigger dollar tree with more items. including these baskets.
i went to the dollar tree with the intention of getting these baskets for my baking cabinet. i thought i'd use one for everyday baking items and one for more seldom used items. in all actuality i ended up with two of the baskets from the pin and two smaller ones. for a dollar each how can you go wrong?
my cabinet of baking sheets was not on my mind.
until i got home.
i started pulling things out of my baking cabinet and putting them in baskets. i thought 'man, it sure would be nice to have a shelf in this cabinet to put these smaller baskets on.'
then it hit me. why not switch the baking cabinet and the cabinet with pans around?
end result?

more space AND it's organized!

thank you pinterest for making my life more organized and pretty :)
love, mrs. k

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