March 6, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
it's my favorite blogging day of the week again!!
time for so what wednesday with shannon!!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if my craft room isn't unpacked yet? the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, & the closet all are
*if we're still 'missing' things in our move? i know that the remote for the bedroom tv got packed somewhere! i just can't find it now.
*if i had a mini meltdown after my first day at my new job? that's ok... right?
*if my office hasn't been unpacked yet either?
*if i'm super pumped to have a target, hobby lobby, & joann fabrics in the same town i live in?
*if i'm also super pumped that i drive past two holiday gas stations on my way to work & there's a third just past my new church? hello fountain diet coke everyday!!
side note- how redic is that there are 3 holiday stations, actually 4 cuz there's one just on the other side of our apartment too- within a 3 mile radius. for dumb.
*if i've used almost all of my phone battery the past two days?
*if i've found myself wondering if & hoping that this move was the right thing for us?
*if i really feel the need/itch to make something? my craft room has been packed up for more than two weeks and i'm missing it!
*if i'm pumped that we have laundry IN our apartment?!! no more going down to a creepy basement to do it :)
*if i haven't had dinner before 7:30 pm the last 3 nights? and if i had popcorn for dinner last night?
*if all of my 'so what's?' today have been about our move?
what are you saying so what to?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and
see what everyone else is so whating!
love, mrs. k

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