March 29, 2013

i wish...

every wednesday i link up with shannon for so what wednesday.
it's really fun. we get to talk about all the things that we do or think that we just want to say so what to. these are the things that we don't care what the world thinks about.
but there are the things that i think about and i care about.
so this is going to be my answer to so what wednesdays.
this is my 'i wish' post. this is a list of things that i wish i was, did, or had.
and not i wish i was skinnier, or richer. but real things.
i wish...
i was a morning person
i made healthier choices
i didn't care what other people thought about me
i was more extroverted
(this is an interesting combo with my youth ministry profession)
i wasn't scared of the dentist
i wasn't an 'emotional cutter'
this is a term that i might have made up. i don't actually cut myself. but i keep replaying emotional situations in my head and i dwell on them. or i go back and read blog spots and cry again about an event that was over a long time ago. i just can't let things go and walk away, i feel the need to relive the pain over and over.
i was as good of a friend as some of my friends are to me
i was one of those people that always thinks about others first/i wasn't so selfish
i had more confidence when addressing a large group of people
that's a pretty good list for now.
maybe i'll come back to this again someday.
let me know if you write an 'i wish' list, i'd love to check it out.
love, mrs. k

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