March 4, 2013

i'm alive!

... and so is my family- that might be more impressive!! my parents brought the trailer up from hometown, mn on friday. we loaded up the stuff from my office first. then it was over to the house to finish packing. i hate packing. it's so overwhelming.

we made the move. everything we own was packed up in boxes, loaded in a huge cargo trailer (srsly- 8 feet wide, 12 high, and 30 long!), and moved 2 hours down the road. then unloaded, carried up a flight of stairs, and ploped on the floor of our cute, new, 2 bed 2 bath apartment. ugh. and, it's very fitting the the liquor cabinet and the master bedroom closet were the first things unpacked. shows where our priorities are :)

i'm here unpacking by myself this week- the mr stayed up north to work for another week because he won't start his job down here until the end of the month. so now i have all day today and nights for the rest of the week to get all of my stuff and common areas unpacked. he can be in charge of his own stuff when he gets here.

i'll be back to regular blogging soon. just trying to get life back in order now :)

love, mrs. k


  1. Glad the move went well!!! Hate packing and unpacking!! It's never fun!!!

  2. New follower here.. love your blog! Glad to hear your move went well -- I'm one of those weird people that actually enjoys unpacking ;)