April 2, 2013

hey! that's pin-tastic!

since i forgot to post this yesterday- here is my pinterest post for the week :)


back with more pinterest projects for you!
this week i made resurrection rolls and resurrection eggs for the littles at church.
we had an easter egg hunt here at church for our toddlers-3rd graders here at church last saturday, march 23rd. it was so much fun! but also a big system shock. in my northern town i was planning events for k-5 kids and 8 kids would come. here at my fm church we had 115 people (kids and parents rsvp- who knows how many actually showed up!!).
we started with music time- the kids got to learn one of the songs that we'll be singing this summer at vbs. then we had the first half of snack time where we made the resurrection rolls.
then we had six stations for the kids to 'hunt' for eggs in. they all got one egg in each room and each room had a different story, craft, or activity for them.
we finished with their resurrection rolls fresh out of the oven.
these rolls were a pain in my hind end.
no where near as easy as pinterest made them seem.
the pin that served as inspiration:
Pinned Image
prepare for picture overload- fair warning.
jamie, the ed director and i, tried making these on friday before our event on saturday. good thing we did. they did not work like the pin's directions said they would.
we got our cresent rolls, rolled our marshmellows in butter, then cin/sugar, then wrapped them in the cresent, baked, and we had marshamallows explosions.
so not as easy as she made it sound.
so i tried wrapping the cresents a different way.
no luck.
then i thought maybe we were having blowouts for the same reason that pies have blowouts. so i tried adding a vent on top.
same outcome.
after a few quick texts to a youth director friend it was revealed that we should be using buscuits not cresents.
so off to wal*mart i went to exchange them.
and back to church with 18 cans of buscuits later, i returned.
so, here are updated instructions on how to make resurrection rolls with biscuits.
1. open your buscuits. preheat oven as directed on package.
2. flatten your biscuit out by smoosh-ing it (technical term) between your hands
3. roll your marshmallow in melted butter. make sure you completely cover you marshmallow- this helps it to melt instead of expand
4. roll your butter covered marshmallow in cinnamon sugar- we used a 4 to 1, sugar to cinnamon ratio (ie- 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup cinnamon)
5. place you marshmallow on your flattend biscuit then fold your biscuit up around your marshmallow. make sure you pinch the biscuit together all the way around- you want it to be sealed. we even rolled ours in our hands a little.

6. place you roll on your baking sheet lined with parchment paper (makes for easier clean up in the event of a blow out) with its friend
7. the put your rolls in the oven and bake for 12 minutes (or however long the package tells you to bake them)

8. take your rolls out and let them sit for a bit
9. cut in and see that the roll is empty
ok, so we never got the marshmallow to melt all the way. and all of my IG friends told me that theirs worked fine and they aren't sure what's wrong with mine. poop.
but the kids at church liked them and they were a hit. even if jesus/the marshmallow was still in the roll when we took it out of the tomb/oven.
as for the resurrection eggs, we made our own stories/egg fillers by pieceing together different ideas from pinterest and the resurrection eggs you can buy at HL.
ours were:
yellow egg- fish & loaves story time, goldfish in the egg
green egg- jesus rode on the donkey, made palm branches by tracing our hands on green paper then cutting them out and glueing them to popsicle sticks, 'donkey fur' in the egg (furry silky fabric)
purple egg- crucifiction story, made a foam cross craft, cross sticker in egg
blue egg- forgiveness/reason for crucifiction, science experiment with kool-aid as sins in water then pouring bleach in as jesus to forgive our sins and make us clean again, eraser in egg
pink egg- tomb, game station, rock in egg
orange egg- jesus rising to heaven, bubbles & balloon games, bubble in egg
lots of work for an easter egg hunt but totally worth it.
love, mrs. k



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