November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Oh my goodness!
10 days to go!
That means that I will only go to sleep 10 more times as Sarah Harper!!

It is down to the wire crazy around here!

This past weekend I:
*got my nails done for the wedding. Yes I know I will need to get them filled late next week but I wanted to give myself time to get used to them. And ps- remember this post with the bright blue nail polish? Well it was super hard to get off. The girl litterally had to buff it off of my nails & the skin around my nails turned blue from it!! I looked sick (and not in a good way!)
*survived bachelorette party #2. 3 of my girlfriends from high school took me out since they couldn't make it to my first party. Uff-da.
*bought gifts for our ring bearer and flower girl. I got them the crayola things where you can go online, take a picture of yourself and upload it to your own coloring book that you can print off. How cool is that?
*the future Mr and I finalized our programs with the printing company.
*the future Mr and I decided on what we wanted to do for cake/where we wanted the cake and cupcakes to go at the wedding
*touched base with the photographer to make sure that we're on the same page.
*confirmed with the florist as to what we need & how much it will cost

Yesterday I:
*made a list of pictures that I want to get
*printed off picture examples of pictures that I want
*printed off picutre examples of up-dos that I like for me and the b-maids

This weekend we need to:
*get a unity candle
*get a garter
*get a cute cake knife to cut the cake with for pictures
*get champagne/wine glasses for my b-maids for at the reception
*pick up my ring (I still feel very naked without it)
*I need to finish thank yous from my bridal shower
*make place cards for all of our guests
*finish b-maid gifts
*touch base with the Holiday Inn (food, beverages, cake, set up, etc)
*get the supplies for our sweet and salty table (goldfish, cheeze itz, chex mix, peanuts, m & m's, skittles, mints, twizzlers, etc as well as bowls to put all of them in)
*make bathroom boxes for the bathrooms at the HI? Maybe?

My head hurts thinking of all of the things that I need to get done. And it isn't helping me to sleep at all...

Love, a future Mrs (I won't be able to say that for much longer!!)

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