November 1, 2011


"What's that?"

Glad you asked :) It's a scarf and ornament swap that Danielle over at Take Heart is hosting! And really- who doesn't love scarfs and ornaments?!? I know I love both of those things :)  

So head on over and get entered! But hurry- you only have til Friday Nov. 4th!!


I'm sure you've heard by now that these two lovebirds filed for divorce yesterday morning, after only 72 days of marriage. Kim cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. How do you even know that you have irreconcilable differences after 72 days?? That is so crazy to me! If something is big enough to get divorced about that fast don't you think you should have talked about it before getting married?!?

I've heard that they didn't have to pay anything for their wedding and that they made an estimated $7 million off their wedding. But someone paid for that wedding (weather it was them, E! entertainment, or someone else) and it cost a reported $10 million. Do you know that works out to $138,888.89 a day for each day they were married!! Which, broken down farther, works out to $578.71 an hour. That's how much their wedding cost. I really hope that by the time the future Mr and I's marriage is over (meaning one of us is dead) we've got it down to pennies a day.

A while back I blogged about the future Mr and I sharing our wedding year with some pretty famous couples. I can't find the post now otherwise I'd link you back to it. But here's a refresher of who we are graciously sharing our wedding year with:
The royal wedding:
THE royals- William and Kate, aren't they cute?

The one that almost was:
Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris.
I was really proud of her for doing what she thought was right and not going through with a marriage that wouldn't work out.

The one that grosses me out:
Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden
Seriously!? Who lets their 17 year old marry a 51 year old?! I don't think I even knew any 51 year olds when I was 17! And they really need to learn how to cover it up and keep it PG when they're out and about. Honestly- who gets kicked out of a pumpkin patch??

And now that one that was and isn't:
I think that this one was never going to work.
I'm a little embarassed to admit that I watch their show from time to time.
A little while back they went on vacation with Kim's family to Bora Bora. While they were there Kris found out that Kim had been married before. Then Kim lost an earring while swimming and freaked out! Apparently it was a $75,000 earring. For those of you that aren't quick at math that means that the pair of earrings was $150,000. Gasp! That's like how much my parents paid for their house. Needless to say, Kim freaked out: tears, running to her mom, the whole bit. And Kris was like- why are you so worried about an earring? It's just something material. Then he found out how much they were and he was like why do you have earrings that cost that much?? Right there is when I knew it wouldn't work. That moment showed how materialistic she is and how different their values and morals are from each other.
They obiviously did NOT go to the same pre marriage counseling retreat that the future Mr and I did!

Sorry, I don't mean to sound like I am anti-divorce. I'm not. Some people get married and their marriages don't work. The other person changes or they themselves change. I understand that people fall out of love.

But I do think that you, as a couple, need to take the proper preparation for marriage.
You need to really know the other person.
Personally, I don't think 6 months of dating and a few months of being engaged is enough. I know it wouldn't be for me. The future Mr and I have been together for almost 4 years already.
But some people can make it work.
The future Mr has an aunt and uncle that dated for 6 weeks. Yes, weeks. And this coming spring their oldest child will graduate high school. And they seem like a really happy couple that's really in love still. I'm so glad that it works for them and that 6 weeks was long enough for them.
But 4 years was the right amount of time for us.

How long did you date your signifacant other before getting married?

Love, a future Mrs.

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