November 28, 2011

Black Friday

I am such a hypocrit.

As we were having Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house I was complaining that my sister had to go to work at 2 the next morning. I was complaining about how the focus of Thanksgiving gets lost. We rush through it to get to get deals and Christmas. We don't really take the day to be thankful (which we shouldn't really limit to one day anyway) and we don't take the time to relax with our families.

Then I went shopping at Wal*Mart at 10 pm on Thanksgiving with the future Mr's cousins. Yes, I am disgusted with myself too. I could NOT believe how many people were there!! And it wasn't even for the electronics- they didn't go on sale until midnight!

I wanted to get sheets and tupperware for my mom for Christmas because they were on her list and they were on sale (I'm talking great deals- 600 thread count sheets for $20!). But when we finally found the sheets someone had already ripped open the palet and taken all but 1 pair of the sheets. And that one pair was spoken for by the only girl that listened to the Wal*Mart emplyees and put her set back. There were other sheets that weren't as nice that were on sale too so I waited for those. At 10 o'clock they announce that you can take stuff now. This woman totally took over and put her but in my face hogged the sheets, seriously- she took like 5 sets. By the time she finally moved all the queen size sheets were gone :( so I didn't get any. Thankfully in the time that I spent trying to get the sheets, the tupperware didn't all get taken so I got mom the tupperware she wants. Hopefully she isn't reading this. Then I met back up with the future Mr's cousins, who had both gotten what they were waiting for. Amy got a sewing bag for her MIL and classic children's books (so bummed I didn't get those, they were $15 books on sale for $5!) and Megan got some picture frame set. Then we headed off to the movies!! Wooo who! I got 9 movies for $1.96 each! Then I got home and realized that I already have Mrs. Doubtfire and I bought it again... oops. Katie doesn't so she's getting it now. Then we went and got in line. I still could not believe the people. I'm so glad that I didn't have a panic/anxiety attack like I did when we went to the Renaissance Festival in September. While we were in line I snuck away for a minute and got a knock off sencty warmer because they were on sale too, and then I jumped back in line. I know, I'm a cheater, I'm sorry.

After that we went out for one drink and decided that we had started a tradition.

The next morning they picked me up a little after 5. Yuck, I know. I never thought I'd be one of those people. Our first stop was Radio Shack so they could get a Kindle for their mom/MIL (they are sister in laws). And get this, Radio Shack didn't even have one!! It was in the ad and they didn't have one! No, someone else didn't beat us to it, they never had one. Megan was pissed. Then we went to Menard's. Holy cow!!! The line was so crazy, I could not believe how many people were there. The line went all the way across the parking lot and down the frontage road. Then they opened the doors and it was a mad dash. Crazy. We got everything there that we wanted. I got a cricut cartridge, 2 candles, a wii remote charger for church, and 2 fleece blankets to make a tie blanket. The girls got what they came for too- dog beds and batteries.

After that it was off to K-Mart. It was so quiet. There was no one there. Again, we got everything we went for. I got the future Mr a craftmans shop-vac, and I got sheets for my mom. And tortilla chips. They weren't on sale but we had good dip at home and we were out of chips.

Then we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and I was home by 8:30.

I spent the afternoon visiting with my friend Katie who is home from Portland to sing in the wedding. I haven't seen her in 15 months. It was so good to see her and visit for a while.

Then I went back to Wal*Mart to gifts for our flower girl and ring bearer. They're getting the thing from crayola where they get to go online and upload a picture of themselves then print off a coloring book where they're the star. How fun is that??

All in all, it was a successful black Friday. Even though I am a hypocrit.

Love, a future Mrs.

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