November 22, 2011

Weekend recap

I have tons of pictures on my iPhone to share with you from this weekend, but I just got instagram and I really want to make them look cool first. And I want to see if I can figure out how to bypass facebook and load picutres from my iPhone to my blog. Right now I'm putting them in my mobile uploads album then copy pasting them to the blog and then deleting them from facebook. Anyone know how I can bypass facebook? Help? Please?

Anyway- this weekend I was in Grand Forks for the NW MN Synod Middle School gathering. It was awesome. I'm on the Lutheran Youth Organization board which is in charge of planning this gathering. And I had kids from my church come. So it was a busy, full weekend. Oh yea, and we had our 31st annual turkey dinner at church on Sunday evening when I got home. We served 100 people. So it was a really busy, really full weekend. But it was a great weekend.

There were over 800 attendees at the gathering. It warmed my heart so much to see so many middle school kids worshiping together. And caring so much for other people. They donated almost $3,000 during the offering and that money will go to churches in Minot that were flooded this summer!!! They also made these bracelets during one of their breakout sessions:
We made these at youth group & sent them with missionaries to orphanages in Russia. The kids loved making them!
We made these in youth group last spring and sent them to a church that was sending missionaries to Russia to visit orphanges.

So I got to lead the breakout session where the gathering kids got to make these. They each got to make 2 bracelets. One for themselves and one to donate. They got to choose where in the world they wanted to donated their bracelet to: our sister synod in India, the church we worked with last year from Haiti, or the churches in Minot that our financial offering was going to. It was so awesome to see these kids jump into this project. Some of them didn't get it, but some of them really got it. The ones that got it helped the ones that didn't. Love. The idea was that while they were making the bracelets they would be praying for the whomever gets their bracelet and when they wear their bracelet they pray for them again. Even tho they don't know who the other person is. How awesome is that??

Yesterday I had to go back over to Grand Forks because I forgot to take my wedding band with this weekend and I had to send my rings out to get soddered together.
Sorry for the blurry picture.
My hand looks and feels so naked. And now I don't get to wear my rings again until I'm married to my future Mr. Ahhhhh!!! That's only 18 days away. 18! Oh my. I have a lot to do in 18 days...
Centerpieces...... Bmaid gifts (I only have 1 thing left to make)...... Gman gifts (they've been ordered, we're just waiting for them) ............. Programs (We're in the proofing stage with the printing company) ......... Touch base with the photog, make sure we've got the details down ................. Touch base again with the DJ ........... Final dress fittings ................. Try to not stress out ................. Make place cards ................ Find something to put favors in ..................... I'm sure I'll have more to share tomorrow in my Wedding Wednesday post, only 3 more Wedding Wednesdays until I'm a Mrs!!!!

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!
Love, a future Mrs. (not for much longer!!)

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