November 28, 2011

Happy Needless Turkey Murder Day!

Okay, so I know I'm a few days late but better late then never right??

And, no, I am not a vegetarian, I just love "Friends" and I die when Pheobe says "Happy Needless Turkey Murder Day!"

So this is my Thanksgiving post.

I love Thanksgiving. I love that we get to eat a lot. I love that we get to relax. I love the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. I love my family and spending time with them. I love the future Mr's family and spending time with them. I love gravy and rolls. I love sleeping in. I love the way the house smells when mom cooks.

I love it all.

This year we had Thanksgiving at my parent's house at 1 on Thursday. Katie and I helped mom cook, I made Grandma L's gravy that mom says year after year she can never make the same way G-ma did. Mom was impressed with mine :) I'm pretty sure I was beaming when everyone liked my gravy (even though it's just gravy and it isn't that hard). Since we were eating at 1 we needed to get up to cook at 8.

Ugh. It wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't gone out to hear a band play the night before. And it wouldn't have been so bad if we would've just listened to the band for a while instead of staying until almost 2.

Anyway... Mom and I got up at 8 so she could teach me to make her stuffing. I figured since I'm getting married I might need to learn how to do all of this stuff. Katie got up to help a little later then we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade which I normally love but it was terrible this year! The floats/balloons were all really far apart, the hosts weren't so great, and there were a ton of commercials. I slept through most of it part of it. Then it was back to cooking. I love the way the house smells when we cook turkey dinner with all of the fixings.

We ate a little after one. This year it was just 5 of us: mom, dad, Katie, me, future Mr. E didn't come this year because Katie works at JCPenny's in Fargo and she had to work at like 2 in the morning so she went back to Fargo when we were done with dinner. I wish he would've come with her, he's been around so long now that when he isn't there it feels like someone is missing :(

After we ate with my family I got dressed, yes I was still in my yoga pants and college sweatshirt, and we went to the future in-laws because they had dinner at one too. We didn't eat again. In fact, I didn't have anything to eat at their house. If you could've seen the dessert table you would be impressed with my will power. Actually, I didn't have any desserts on Thanksgiving. Mom bought a pecan pie and I'm more of an apple girl.

While we were at their house I got to hold the future Mr's cousin's new baby girl. Seriously, baby fever is in full force here. She is such a doll. And the future Mr held her!! It was the first time he'd ever held a baby!! I was so proud of him, I even took a picture. But he'd probably kill me if I showed anyone...

So that was our Thanksgiving 2011. Our last Thanksgiving with different last names!
How was your Thanksgiving?? Did you eat too much?

Love, a future Mrs

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