November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Only 24 days to go!
That means only 3 Wedding Wednesdays between now and the big day!

It's been another busy week in wedding world!
I've been working on centerpieces.
We're using wine bottles for our centerpieces. We will have between 3 and 5 bottles on each table depending on the size of the table and the bottle (yes- 2 sizes of tables, round and rectangle).
Each bottle has been wrapping in yarn, spray painted or overed in glitter.
Oh! We're also using the eternity candles from church as centerpieces. The candle gets a new instert everyweek that is basically a candle in a glass cylinder that burns for a whole week. So those have also been wrapped in yarn, spray painted and covered in glitter.
Glass jars, twine, spray paint
This is what the spray painted ones look like but this is a picture from pinterest. I forgot to take a picture of mine but this is where I got the idea and this is what mine look like.
This is what the ones wrapped in yarn look like:
Sorry, you'll have to pretend that it's right side up, I couldn't get it to rotate.
Anyway, there are some blue, some green and some white. Well not some, lots of each. I've gone through two things of yarn in each color so far...
The glitter ones you'll have to use your imaginations with for now. I don't have a real picture of them or an inspiration picture of them. Sorry!

Also, our favors are done. I can't remember if I told you about them or not so I'll tell you again!
We are doing bouncy ball favors :)
Each bouncy ball is in it's own bag with a tag at the top that says "Hope you had a 'ball' at our wedding!" Love, Sarah and Kris
How cute are those? I'm so excited to give them to people.
In the assortment pack of bouncy balls that I got from oriental trading there were some bouncy balls that looked like rocks and they bouncy all crazy, those ones say "Hope you had a 'rockin' good time at our wedding" Love, Sarah and Kris.
Love it!
This is what all 300 favors look like. Thats a box that printer paper comes in- it's not small...
You can see one of the rock bouncy balls on top.

On Monday night I worked on necklaces for my bridesmaids.
initial on a chain (hand stamped jewelry)
This is what I wanted to get them, with just one letter charm in their inital.
But these are $30 a piece. And I have 6 bridesmaids. Yea, not happening.
This is what I made instead:
I got the chains for $2.47 a piece. The silver circles came in a 4 pack for $2.47 and I had the pearls from when I made their earrings and the head pins so I could make pearl charm for each.
My thought at first was to find a way to stamp their initials on the silver circles myself. I bought an old typewriter at the 2nd hand store but I couldn't get the letters out and I don't think they would have been solid enough even if I could have gotten them out.
So I gave up on the letters and just went with the circles and the pearls.
And I think they turned out beautifully! I really love them. And they were so easy to put together, I was suprized at how easy it was.

We (me, my sister, my mom, and my ring bearers mom) have been looking for a tie for our ring bearer since we asked him to be our ring bearer.
I found one yesterday!
I was so excited!
Image of boy ties - dot in lime
Seriously!! How cute is that?
And Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy was so helpful!
I had issues with putting the tie in my "cart" then having to refresh the window and it wasn't there anymore, she emailed me back right away and was very helpful and nice.
I'm so excited! That tie is going to look so cool with the lime green and royal blue that everyone else is wearing!!!!!

So, it's been a busy week in wedding town. Only a few more weeks to go!!

Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs

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