November 15, 2011


Apparently I needed a break from blogging! Sorry! I didn't mean to take a break, life just got in the way!

I'm not complaining but work is crazy right now! This weekend we have our synod's middle school youth gathering. I'm on the board that helps plan it and I'm taking kids. Ahhhh!!! So I have to go early, then find someone to drive my kids there. Then find someone to drive them home cuz I have to stay late. On Sunday morning we have our monthly pancake breakfast, again, I had to find someone to be in charge because I'll be at the gathering. Then on Sunday afternoon/evening we have our annual Thanksgiving dinner that the sr hi youth put on for the members of our congregation that are 70 years old and older. Again, I had to find someone to put this in motion and keep it rolling because I'll get back to town about the same time that we start serving dinner.

Have I mentioned that I'm not good at asking for help? I really like to think that I'm super woman and I can do it all. And I hate calling people and asking them to help, I feel so needy and ackward.

And on top of all of this work stuff I am getting married in 25 days?!?! 25? How did that happen??

Yesterday was my day off. I spent the day working on centerpieces (I'll share more tomorrow), working on wedding jewlery (I'll share more tomorrow), running errands for the 2 meals that we have to serve at church on Sunday, and making calls for this dinner. Oh, and I did dishes and laundry, and wrote thank yous for my shower gifts.

Have a mentioned that I don't sleep much? I'm so ready for January, hopefully my life will slow down a little bit by then...

In other happy news- I finally found boots that I like!! A woo hoo!!!
I really liked them in the store and they were on sale for $20. But then I got them home and I'm just not sure what to wear them with. And I'm afraid that they look a little too cow-girl-ish. I do love country music but, I don't want to look like I belong on the farm all the time.

Then when I was looking on K-Mart's website for a picture of these beauties, I found these:
This is more of what I really want. I did see these in the store but they only had gray. It never dawned on me to look online! While I'm on their website today I see that they have free shipping on orders over $25 and the boots are buy one get one half off! I might have to return the first pair to the store here and order both pairs online. Cuz I could get both pairs for only $35!!

Although even with the 2nd pair I'm not really sure what I would wear them with... I'm not a fan of sticking your jeans into the boots and then have your jeans look bunchy, maybe I just need to get skinnier jeans. Or maybe I need thicker leggings, the ones that I have now are a little see through for my taste- more like tights. What do you wear with your boots?

How was your weekend? I hope it was fantastic!
Love, a future Mrs

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