October 31, 2011

Identity crisis?

The future Mr and I crossed things off our "to-do" list like crazy this weekend!!
We worked on wedding center pieces

I made mini apple pies

We put insulation and an old blanket over the window AC unit in my bedroom. Hopefully it will keep some of the cold air outside this winter!

We got my car and the grill to fit in my garage so that we don't have to put the grill in storage this winter :)

We put the patio set of tables and chairs in the basement. I didn't take a picture of that cuz it's sad.
We put our bicycles in the basement. I didn't take a picture of that cuz it's boring.
I took the storage tubs (full of holiday decorations) out of the front closet and put them in the basement. I didn't take a picture of that because let's be real- it's an empty closet :)

We hung up new signs:
Our new last name. Well it's already his last name, you know what I mean :)
This was a shower/wedding gift from one of the church grandmas from the church I work at.
This is hanging in our living room, above the archway into the computer room.
I got this at Burlington Coat Factory for $9.99! What?!
We hung this in the dining room right next to the door that goes into the kitchen.
I love it.

And I carved a pumpkin for work. The one that actually has a face was for my children's sermon yesterday and the one with the stars is from youth group last week.
But here is where we have the identity crisis.
If you look at the tree behind the pumpkins you will notice...
Christmas lights? Wrapped around the trunk?
Yes, you are right! And they're not just around the trunk, they're on top too. And they're on the tree on the other side of the doorway, and the tree out in the yard.
We hung our Christmas lights already!
Ok, I love Christmas, but not that much. The lights did get turned on to make sure they work and they look ok. But they are not plugged in all the time yet.
You see, hanging Christmas lights is a 2 person job.
The next two weekends are deer hunting which means the future Mr won't be here. The weekend after that is the Synod Middle School gathering so I won't be here. Then it's Thanksgiving. Then it's wedding. And it's way nicer to get lights done before the snow comes.
So, for a little while my house will look like it's having an identity crisis but I'm ok with that :)

How was you're weekend?
Love, a future Mrs.

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