March 26, 2012

who are you?

Friday night Molly invited me to go out for a drink with some of the ladies she works with. I was so excited to be included in something! As you read last week- I haven't made a lot of friends in this northern town that I call home.

It started out just 4 of us (Molly, me, and 2 other ladies that I had met before). Then a couple came and joined us (I had met the husband but not the wife), then another couple (who I hadn't met but the husband grew up in my hometown!!), the our husbands joined us and another couple. All in all there were 7 ladies and 6 guys. Big group. It was so fun to chat with these people, relax, enjoy dinner, laugh, just to feel like you were with friends.

At one point (towards the end of the night) I was chatting with the lady next to me about how it's been kind of hard to meet people here. She and her hubby did not grow up in this northern town. She said that it took them about 7 years to really feel like this was home and they belonged here and to feel like they had friends here. Great. So that mean's I've got roughly 4 1/2 years of this crap left?! Awesome. I said "Yea, this just isn't a very welcoming community, is it?" Well, that was the point in our conversation that the lady on the other side of my new friend decided to join our conversation. She said to me, and I quote, "Who the f**k are you?" So I told her my name and what I do. She pushed it by saying, "And you don't think this is a welcoming place?" Umm, no, not really. And your attitude isn't helping. Well, that's what I wanted to say to her. Instead I turned and talked to someone else. I was so stunned. And for the record, she grew up in a town less than 15 miles from our northern town. And her hubby is well known in the community because of his job. So of course they know everyone so they think this is a great, welcoming place. But that doesn't mean she should talk to people that she doesn't know the way that she talked to me.

When the Mr and I got home I told him all about it (we had a boys table and a girls table at the resturant so he hadn't heard our conversation). He brushed it off and said she must have been drunk. I would believe that if she would've just left it at one question. But she pushed and ask another and gave me one of those looks.

The night had been really fun up until then. I just hope that the Mr and I get invited out again and that she isn't invited...

Love, Mrs K

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