March 15, 2012

Projects: St. Pattie's Day

I don't normally do a lot of crafting for St. Pattie's day. It just isn't big in our house. Never has been. But after I took down my Valentine's Day wreath (2 weeks ago) our front door felt a little naked. So I decided to make another wreath for it- who doesn't love wreaths?

So I bought some fabric and made another wire frame and went to town.
Here's my fabric, well tulle and stiff mesh actually. I bought 2 different shades of green in tulle and mesh. They're the same colors, so there the light greens match and the dark greens match. I didn't want it to be too busy. I cut the tulle and the mesh into strips that were about an inch and a half each then I just eyeballed it and cut the strips into smaller pieces. I ended up with lots of different sizes of pieces.

Then I started to tie the pieces onto my wreath form
I kept tying pieces on and squishing them together to make it really full:
After lots and lots of tying and squishing it was full and I was out of fabric- it took two full yards of fabric to make this!! Then I added a lime green ribbon left over from the wedding to hang it from.
While I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day I ran across this:

Pinned Image
I fell in love and I knew it would be the perfect addition to my Micky Mouse St Patrick's Day shirt. And I knew that I could make one. So I set out to Wal*Mart to see if they had 2 shades of green felt. (I had to go to Wal*Mart because we don't have a craft store here in our northern town. Boo.) They didn't. The only colors that you could just buy one sheet of were black, white, and red. So I had to buy a whole package of sheets of felt, thankfully there were 2 different colors of green in there, now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of it...

Anyway here is how I made my headband (I didn't even read the directions that went with the pin, I just decided to wing it.)
First I got all of my supplies together. Green felt, hot glue gun, strechy headband (the hard ones hurt my head) scissors, black fabric to use as a backer, and glitter glue since Wal*Mart didn't have rhinestones.
I cut out my first shamrock in the light green.
Then I glued it to the darker green and cut that one out too- adding a stem.
I decided that I had cut too close to the light green the first time so I added another layer of dark green.
Then I glued it onto my headband
And added the black fabric as a backer so that I could catch the shamrock on anything and rip it off the headband.
Finally I added the glittle. At first I was just going to do a dab of it in the middle to look kind of like a rhinestone but then I didn't like how that looked so I spread the glitter out over the whole thing. I let it dry then added another layer of glitter so I was extra sparkely.
And now I'm wearing it!! Some of the church grandmas were here this morning to help with a project and they all thought it was the coolest thing. I felt pretty great about life and my crafting ability :)

Hope you're enjoying National Craft Month!
Love, Mrs. K

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