March 19, 2012

Wedding pictures: Church pre-ceremony

The Mr and I are pretty traditional. Well I am, and he just goes along with it. Because of this we did not see each other on our wedding day until my daddy walked me down the aisle. I'm sure that if I had wanted to see the Mr before that, he would've been fine with it. And he was fine with not seeing me until then.

Our photographer was not.

While we were talking on the phone before the wedding (the photog and I) he made a comment about trying to talk brides into seeing the groom before the wedding because it makes his job easier. I don't think so. It's our wedding and we will do what we want to.

So I mapped out the whole day for the photog. I made a list of pictures that I knew that I/we wanted. Then I put the pictures in the order that they could be taken so we could get all of them in the time that we had and we could do it without intterupting the flow of the day (ie- we could take all of our pictures and still serve dinner on time). I printed out the list (it was 2 pages long & and had 3rd page of examples from pinterest of pictures I liked). The photog took the list and then told me that he does this all the time and he has pictures that he just always takes so he'll just do his thing.

Ummm... Ok...

I was very frustraded at this point. What do you do? What do you say?

So here are pictures from the photog as well as friends and family that were taken at the church pre-ceremony.
My dress. Love love love it!!!

My friend Katie who sang for us getting her hair done
My ring
The Mr's ring
Our rings in my flowers
2 of my maids and my PA getting me into my dress. And my mama making sure I ate lunch
Something was funny
My mom's veil :)
My PA Brianne. Isn't she beautiful?
Our flower girl Brianna eating her lunch
The earrings I made for the girls
The necklaces I made for the girls
I love this one
I don't really remember what's going on in this picture but I'm totally giving someone "the look"
All of the girls out on the balcony at church. Yes, we did get married on Dec. 10th and no, there was not any snow. I would've been happy with 2 fresh inches but I can't have it all.
The girls in front of the church
And striking a pose
I like this one. It's so sunny and bright.
The boys in front of the church
We didn't see each other before the wedding but we did take a picture together :)
I got this idea from pinterest
One last picture of just the 2 of us while we still have the same last name!
My girls just before the ceremony
They were all about their pockets
The sparkely shoes that I made for them
Another pinterest inspiration
Our guestbook.
I also asked for pictures of the order of worship and the hymal but I didn't get them.
The church decorated for Christmas and a little for the wedding

All photos were taken by Darrell Deutz Photography

Hope you enjoyed them!
Stay tuned for our ceremony pictures!
Love, Mrs. K

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