March 21, 2012

So What Wednesday

It's that time of week again!
Linking up with Shannon from Life After I "Dew"
for So What Wednesday!

Here's what I'm saying So What to:

*if I'm a night owl and the Mr is more of an early bird?

*if I made breakfast (french toast and bacon) for dinner on Sunday?

*if I didn't enter anything on my fitness pal on Sunday?

*if we got new silverwear as a wedding gift and I use the smaller or salad fork for everything?

*if we're hesitant to take the plastic off of our windows just incase it gets cold again?

*if I told myself I would clean my craft/junk room last weekend but I never stepped foot in it?

*if I don't recongize a number on my phone I usually don't answer it? Drives the Mr crazy.

*if I've been wearing sandals this week and I think it's the greatest thing ever?

*if we're running low on snacks for youth group this week and I really don't want to go to the grocery store? I know the kids won't really be happy with water, but thats what we're having this week.

What are you saying So What to this week?
Head on over to Life After I "Dew" to see what everyone else
is So What-ing this week and to link up!

Love, Mrs K

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