March 5, 2012

February Photo Day

Ok, so I know I said I would share with you on March first and it's now the 5th... Sorry I'm a few days late but here are my photos a day for February:
My view


10 am.
Actually this is closer to 11 am.
But it's our 1st ever contemporary service at church!



Front door
Self portrait
Kinda cheated on this one. This is the Mr and I on our honeymoon.
I really don't take a lot of pictures of myself.

Makes me happy.
New fabric.

My closet got two pictures cuz I can't open both sides of the sliding doors at the same time.
Notice all the empty hangers? That's cuz there is a mound of clean clothes on the floor at my feet waiting to be put away...


Well my phone's backround.

Something new.
Kindle :)


My fav Minnie Mouse glass

This one is two fold:
Something you hate to do
Grocery shop.
A favorite picture of you

Where you work


I didn't take all of these pictures in order (I was in New Orleans on the front door day so I had to take that one before I left. The pork chop dinner was in New Orleans but was too pretty not to show you.)
And I kinda fizzled out at the end of the month, that's why there aren't pictures for the last five days.
But I'm going to try agian this month!
Wish me luck!

Love, Mrs. K

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