March 13, 2012

Projects: Kindle Cover and Leg Warmers

It's time for more projects since March in National Craft month!!
I have 2 to share with you today :)

The first is really a cheat, it isn't really a craft. I saw it on Pinterest and I copied it. I didn't even pin it. I "made" leg warmers. Kind of like these that Lindsay wore on The Pleated Poppy. I love her leg warmers/socks that she wears with her boots. Aren't they cute?
In her "What I Wore Wednesday" posts she says she got them at Target but I can never find them! It makes me sad. Then I saw this idea on Pinterest. I feel so bad that I don't have the pin (I can't find it again!!) other wise I would for sure share it with you and give credit where credit is due. Just please know that this was not an orignial idea.

It's the sleeve of an old sweater! How smart is that?? I bought the sweater at the 2nd hand store here in my northern town, cut the sleeves of and I'll be able to just the body of it for something else later.

And how cute do the look with my boots today? And bonus- they aren't as hot as thicker sweater like leg warmers would be and they don't make my feet hotter like socks would. I think I'm in love. And I think there will be many more leg warmers in my closet next year (I say next year cuz it's like 60 here today!)

Project #2: My kindle cover.
Quick back story. When I bought my Kindle I did not like any of the covers that Target had. When I had just been looking at the Kindle I liked at least 1 of the covers. It was pink and had flowers on it, super cute. But they day I got mine: no such luck, and I was not going to spend $30 on one that I didn't like.

So I decided I would make one.

I had cut up a sweater a few months ago to make a pillow for our couch but I didn't use all of the sweater. So I decided I would make a nice warm, cozy cover for my Kindle.

I got my supplies together
My Kindle (for size)
A softer fabric for a liner
The old sweater for the outside

I sewed the inside liner, then the outside with the sweater, then I attached them together (sorry I don't have any pictures of this inbetween stuff), then I took the buttons that were on the front of the sweater and attached them to the top of the cover to keep it closed.

I actually just cut the whole piece of fabric that the buttons were on off the sweater and attached that piece to the top of the cover. Well then one of the buttons fell off because it was getting used a lot more than it was designed too. So I reattached both of them.

Now my Kindle has a warm, cozy, and stylish home :)

Love, Mrs. K

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