March 16, 2012

Wedding Pictures: Rehearsal and Getting Ready

Here's the first installment of wedding pictures. Sorry it's taken me more than 3 months to share these!!

*None of these are pictures from the photographer. These are pictures from my friends and family.
The rehearsal and groom's dinner:
Our ring bearer, Alex, practicing walking down the aisle with his sign :)
Practicing hard. Alex checking everything out.
Something must have been reallllllly funny
The whole crew up front.
We had to practice walking in twice. Apparently I got the giggles the 2nd time.
My friends. Aren't they cute? Tasha (a maid), Katie (the soloist), and Bri (the personal attendent).
Family pictures at the groom's dinner. My parents, us, my sister and her boyfriend.
Probably the last picture where we all have the same last name.
His side. His parents, brother, sister and her boyfriend, us.
Me and my girls at the groom's dinner.
The Mr and his boys at the dinner. Apparently boys aren't as good at taking pictures are girls are :)

The next morning at the salon:
Getting my hair did
My hairdresser is my friend Bri's (my personal attendent) mom :)
My sister getting her hair done
Brianna the flower girl trying out my veil
Trying to fix jewlery.
Yes, I did that on my wedding day
Trying to give me more poof- to make it look more like an updo.
I had a total melt down at the salon.
I did not like my hair. The front looked like a pony tail. I wear my hair like that all the time. It didnt' look special enough.
So Mary tried to poof it more.
I like the back and that was good because that's what everyone saw during the ceremony.
But I never was happy with the front, and that's what you see in picutres...
But that's my mommy's veil that I got to wear. How cool is that? When my mom wore it she had the part thats on the bottom of my hair across the top of her head like a headband.
My sparkely shoes
Getting pretty
Doesn't take much- they're all beautiful
Mommy getting her hair done
I had to jump in and help do hair. No big deal.
Tasha- one of my besties from high school. I love her :)
My two maids that I went to college with showing off our cobber rings :)
We're special.
Me with all six of my bridesmaids.
Tasha made matching zip up sweatshirts for them- isn't she cute?
Mary (the hairdresser) brought us caramel rolls and the fixings for mimosas.
Knows the way to a girls heart doesn't she?
I don't like orange juice so I opted for the champagne instead ;)
The back of my sweatshirt.
I went with "bride" instead of Mrs. Knopf so that someone else can wear it later.

Stay tuned for the next installment- pictures at church before the ceremony!
Love, Mrs K

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  1. I love the dress you wore to the rehearsal. Where did you get it?