March 14, 2012

So What Wednesday

It's that time of week again!
Here's what I'm saying "So What" to:

*if I have lots some empty picture frames? And so what if I have picture frames that have had the same picture in them for like 5 years?

*if I'm not super happy with our wedding pictures? There, I said it. I don't 100% love them. And the Mr doesn't understand. All he sees is the fact that we spent $1,600 on them.

*if I always brush my teeth in the same order? I always start on the bottom left, then the bottom right, and so on.

*if I'm a bad wife and we didn't have dinner til 10 o'clock last night? And even then it was burgers at a bar and grill here in our northern town.

*if I've been really hurt this week by one of my friends and I don't know how to talk to her about it? I always do this, I hold my feelings in and don't say anything...
I don't know how to stand up for myself in most situations. I'm a people pleaser, I can't help it.

*if I can't decide weather or not to go back to Maurice's and buy these cute shoes they have? I keep hearing Sandra Bullock from the Blindeside in my head when I put them on, "You'll love it the most in the store." And I can't decide if I really love.

*if the "dress" that I'm wearing today came from the nightgown section of JCPenny's?

What are you saying "So What" to this week?
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everyone else is saying "So What" to this week!

Love, Mrs. K

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  1. Wait a minute! Are we supposed to update photos in picture frames?? My picture frames/pictures are never updated. They just end up in a box when enough years have passed.