October 1, 2012

Project Pinterest

I'm linking up with I Love You More Than Carrots today for Project Pinterest!! It's a weekly link up to help us actually make the goodies we pin all over the interenets instead of just letting them sit there on our boards :)

Last week Shannon made pumpkin spice muffins that sounded too good not to try. So right after work last Monday I hurried my little butt over the to grocery store and bought the supplies. And, I'll tell you what- they are so good that I went back and bought more supplies to make more muffins when these ones are gone!!
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Y'all- these are so easy! Two ingredients. Really, just two!! Well, per Shannon's suggestion I added mini choco chips, because hello? yummo!! This picture shows classic yellow cake mix but I used spice cake mix (also one of Shannon's suggestions). I would recommend it.
Apparently I didn't take a picture of my two ingredients but, you get the idea.
Took a picture of them in the mixer... I was spectical!

But they turned out great!! I topped them with cream cheese frosting and mini choco chips as spinkles! So cute!!

I could probably eat the whole pan... and I don't really even like pumpkin. Nope, not at all. Pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving? No thanks, I'll take apple ala mode please :)
I kind of go in spurts when I create. It might be crafting, it might be baking, who knows but I rarely do one project. So here is my 2nd baking pin project for you this week!
Salted Caramel Kiss Cookies.
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These were more involved than the muffins but they are so good. You really need to go check out that webiste and make these cookies.
Here's all the supplies that you need:

Looks like a lot but it's worth it. You have to brown the butter and it turns into caramely goodness.
After these two baking adventures I'm pretty sure all of the bowls in my kitchen were dirty. My mixer had to be washed twice, once in the middle (between muffins & cookies) and once at the end. But it all turned out great. And I'm sure I'll pay for it when my pants are too tight soon...
Love, Mrs. K


  1. Both look soo good! I want to make the salted carmel kiss cookies now!

    Found you through the link up :)

  2. I blame you for the drool that I had to wipe from my keyboard just now! Aren't those pumpkin muffins the best? I make mine with devils food cake mix and I put the chocolate chips in the batter. It's like.. chocolate.. on steroids. So delicious. Thanks so much for linking up!