October 26, 2012

where the magic happens

isn't that what everyone would say on 'cribs' when they showed the whole world their bedrooms? well, today you get to see our bedroom.

last weekend on our expensive trip to IKEA we finally got a new bedspread. y'all, we have been looking for one since we got married (almost 11 months ago) and we could NOT find something that we both agreed on. either it was to girly, or to manly, or we didn't like the color combo, or it was to expensive. you get the idea.

but IKEA to the rescue!

here is the before:
i got this bedding set at k*mart like two years ago. i really like it, but it's a little girly for the mr. lots of things that i like are too girly for the mr. he would prefer camo everything. not gunna happen. anywho, i love it because it's white and clean looking, but it's dry clean only. ugh... i also love the color combo- royal blue and lime green- umm hello! wedding colors! so the back side of the comforter is the blue and then there is green on the flowers. so i went with lime green sheets, naturally. but they're only 15" deep sheets on our pillowtop mattress- yea, we had to fix them every morning.
and it has pretty pillowcases too:
but they stayed on the floor most of the time. i make the bed every morening but these were apparently just to much work for me.

we need to do something about our headboard situation... pinterest here i come!

here is the beauty that we found at IKEA
it's a cream and white plaid duvet with strips on the other side. since it's a duvet we had to invest in a comforter to go underneath too $$.
for those of you that have duvets- how do you keep your comforter in place underneath it? i've had to fix ours every morning when i make the bed. it always gets bunched up at the bottom and we're left with just the thin duvet at the top. suggestions?
i didn't think the lime green sheets and polka dot body pillow would jive well with this plaid. so off to wal*mart i went. and i said hello to navy blue 400 thread count sheets. ahh... heaven. our old sheets were just the cheap wal*mart brand ones. these are so much better (and the price tag relects it!).\
but don't those colors go well together? i'm in love.

so there you have it- there's where the magic happens in the k household ;)

love, mrs. k


  1. Hey Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award!


  2. I think the colours look really good together! :)
    Dropping by from the blog hop. :)

  3. Hey girl,
    Just wanted to check in and make sure you got your email about the Share Your Style Swap ( http://www.agapelovedesigns.com/search/label/Share%20Your%20Style )

    Your partner had emailed me saying she had not heard back from you yet! :( And with the deadline to get packages out coming up soon, I wanted to make sure YOU had received your emails? :) If not, please check your spam box and also add share_your_style{at}yahoo{dot}com to your contacts. And free free to email me there with any questions or concerns. ♥