October 8, 2012

300!! Project Pinterest & someone else's giveaway

It's my 300th post y'all!! Never thought this little blog would grow to be such a part of my life :)
It's Monday, which means it's time for Project Pinterest!
linking up with AP from ILYMTC to show off another project
This week I'm sharing something from my fashion board with you.
Check out this gal's curls:

Pinned Image
umm... Hello!! (did anyone else hear Angelina from Jersey Shore when they read that?)
Those things are amazing.
I want them. But the good Lord blessed me with stick straight hair. Kid you not- never used a flat iron, don't even own one. All I do is blow dry my mane and it's straight. It's beautiful, but as they say, girls with straight hair want curly hair and vice versa. So I thought I'd give it a try.
The link on pinterest takes you this youtube video:
I'm not sure where this picture came from because the girl in the video most certainly does not have a white sweater on.
It's kind of hard to explain how she makes her curls. But instead of wrapping all of your hair around the curling iron you just do one loop at a time. I hope you at least checked out part of the video so it makes some sense to you.
She claims that the curls are more natural looking and last all day.
So I thought I'd give it a try.
I got up an extra half hour early for church on Sunday to try it. I did one section and did NOT like how it looked.
But I thought I'd give it another go this morning.
After 35 mins this is how I looked:
At this point I'm thinking what a waste!
It takes forever and it doesn't look that curly. Also at this point I'm border line running late.
And the curls don't look that awesome. And I've had to fix at least 5 of them so there was no way that business was lasting all day.
I gave up.
This is what my hair looks like today:
Yup, side braid and a ballerina bun.
The Vintage Pearl is having a great giveaway.
Go check it out!
Love, Mrs. K



  1. So funny! I am totally hair illiterate so there is no way I would be able to accomplish this...I can't even do the side braid!! Your hair still looks cute!

  2. I saw this pin and thought it would be fun to try but thought it also looked complicated!! haha Thanks for saving me the time!!

  3. lolololololol This would so be something that would happen to me... ugh and they make it look so easy peasy!

  4. My hair will not curl when I do it! Everyone else can make it look great sadly I don't have someone all the time to do my hair for me LOL That is exactly what would have happened to me because I actually think I tried doing this tutorial before!

  5. You and I have similar hair styles girl :) Braids & Buns {daily} for this mama haha

    I watched the video and the technique she's doing seems like it would take WAY longer than just curling the entire section around the rod... hmmm

    Do you have a flat iron? My nieces use theirs for curling!! it looks 'easy' and fast too :)

  6. Bahahaha. I love Pinterest honesty... "that girl is most certainly not wearing a white sweater so..." Yeah. I am the most uncoordinated person when it comes to hair. I'm lucky I can braid. French braid? Fuggedhaboutit. This is why god gave me two boys.. I would be lost on a girl. For real. Thanks so much for linking up!!