October 25, 2012

game day recap!

the mr had his adrain peterson birthday on sunday. ok, i think i'm really clever for calling it that. we live in minnesota, we cheer for the vikings, adrian peterson is number 28 and he's awesome, and the mr turned 28 and to celebrate we went to the vikings game. if you're from minnesota hopefully you think i'm clever, if you're not from minnesota you probs think i'm lame. whatevs.

as promised- here are the crafts that i did for the game.
left- my vikings glass
right- headbands for my mom and i
the glass was super easy. i bought a clear tumbler with a lid and the straw with the stopper on the bottom so it stays in the cup at the dollar tree store here in our northern town. i used large gold glitter and mod podge to make the outside all glittery. then i used my cricut to cut out 'sarah's vikings glass' in purple vinyl. i peeled the back off of the vinyl so it was sticky and stuck it down to the cup. then i added 3 more layers of mod podge. it's really fun. but i forgot it in the car when we went to the game :( i guess i'll just have to use it at home while we watch on tv next week.
i made some headbands this northern town's school colors during homecoming week and posted them on facebook. someone thought that they were vikings headbands because our colors are blue and gold. well after they suggested that they were vikings headbands i knew my mom and i needed some to wear to the game :)
so i started with supplies:
strechy headbands- i love these ones, i think they were $0.79 a piece at hobby lobby and i can wear them all day without them giving me a headache. i also used felt, fabric, flannel, scissors, hot glue, and glitter.
i made a bunch of flowers (way more than i needed)
then started picking and choosing and arrainging them in combos that i liked and these are the two that i ended up with:
mine is on top and mom's on the bottom.

the mr and i at the game

mom and i after the game

the game itself was great. our seats were up kinda high so it was hard to see some stuff but it's still fun to be at the game. and the vikings won 21-14!

love, mrs k

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