September 26, 2012

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
it's that time of the week again!!
linking up with shannon to say so what!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i just finally did an iphone update? yup, never done that before...
*if i need some down time after work on wednesdays before i go home? i need a few minutes where i don't have to talk to anyone
*if i second guess some posts/instagrams/blogs becuase of my job?
*if i listen to instramental versions of songs while i'm at work because they're less distracting?
*if my office was a disaster zone? it took me almost 4 hours to clean it on friday. oops.
*if i'm unfriending people everyday on facebook? i'm 'friends' with people that i don't even know and people from high school that i don't really care to hear from any more.
*if my wedding dress is still hanging in our living room? almost 10 months after the wedding...
*if i find myself saying 'so what' all the time??
what are you saying so what to?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to see what
everyone else is so whating and to link up!
love, mrs. k


  1. cute blog! i am a new wifey and mama too.. congrats!

    do you want to follow each other?

  2. hahaha I just did the update too! I kept hearing everyone talk about it so I figured I should see what it's all about!!