October 9, 2012

Closet Challenge/What I Wore

Shannon inspires me to challenge my closet every week and Lindsey hosts the great link up What I Wore Wednesday. You should go check both of them out!

Back for another installment of my closet challenge/what I wore this week. I totally failed at the closet challenge this week :( I spent $50 on clothes at JCP. But I got a dress, a skirt, 4 tank tops, a t shirt, and the white skinnies that I have been dreaming about. For my math friends that's 8 items for $50, an average of $6.25 each. Whoop whoop!! I blame it on my friend Lacey who was here to visit for the weekend :)


Check out my outfits from this week:
Wednesday, Oct. 3
striped shirt: JCP- I was in love with this shirt until someone told me I looked like Mrs. Waldo and there were going to bring me a Waldo hat to wear. Mean people suck- some thoughts should really just stay in your head
pink tank- Vanity
*thank you JCP for the inspirtation of putting pink under the orange strips!!
necklace- premier designs
jacket- American Eagle. I saw this jacket on Katherin Heigle over Christmas break of my sophmore year of college in a magazine and I fell in love. Went looking for it. $70. Not in this girls budget. Fast forward a few month- on sale at AE $25. Totally do-able :) Pays to keep checking.
flowers- both made by me
jeans- Vanity
sandals- Target
Thursday, Oct. 4
The kids here in my nothern town had their first snow day last Thursday! On Oct. 4th! Crazy I know.
Since the kids had a snow day and I work with kids I thought I should get to take a snow day too. The church secretary and Senior Pastor laughed at my request but said it was ok :)
So I spent the day in my sweats, I baked and cleaned.
I know the point of What I Wore Wednesday is to actually get dressed and not spend your days like this, but I wanted to tell you about these sweatpants.
When I was in high school I got a pair of sweatpants at the Gap Outlet for like $4, or something equally as rediculous. Best sweatpants ever.
This summer I found these at the Gap Outlet. Total retail value after sales and discounts. $3.50. They are like heaven. Except they're too long. But for $3.50 I can deal with the length. If you ever have a chance to buy a pair of these at a steal I'd highly recommend it. Or you can buy me a pair if you'd like, size XL please :)
Friday, Oct. 5
Blue and Yellow day of homecoming week!
jacket- Old Navy
yellow tee- American Eagle
blue cardi- Nordstrom Rack
skirt- Vanity
leggings- Wal*Mart
boots- Payless
yellow flower headband- made by me
My friend Lacey was here for our version of Craft Weekend so Saturday was spent in yoga pants and sweatshirts :)
Sunday, Oct. 7
cardi- Target
scarf- Wal*Mart
maxi dress- JCP
you can't see them but I wore my leopard flats from Burlington Coat Factory to match my scarf.
I felt beautiful in this outfit.
And I feel beautiful when I look at the picutres.
Monday, Oct. 8
cardi- Target
black tee- JCP
scarf- Wal*Mart
jeans- Vanity
shoes- knock off Toms from K*Mart
I had to go home and put jeans and a sweatshirt on at lunch cuz it was cold and rainy :(
 Tuesday, Oct. 9
This one is really a challenge!! I have been against team leggings from the get go. But Shannon posted her ootd pic on instagram this morning and it was so cute I had to give it a try. So here goes nothing:
My very first leggings as pants adventure!
What do you think? Can I pull off leggings as pants? And is the vest thingy too much?
brown tee- Vanity
cardi- Target
necklace- gift
vest thingy- Maurices
leggings- Wal*Mart
boots- Payless

Totally unrelated- 6 comments on yesterdays post!! Thanks friends! You made my day :)
Love, Mrs. K

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