October 2, 2012

Closet Challenge/What I Wore

I'm following along with Shannon for a little more Challenge your closet, and I'm playing along with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore. Here's my outfits from the past week:

Wednesday Sept. 26:

i love this outfit! it was super comfy and i didn't have to adjust myself all day long (and it was a long day- 15 hours at work!!)
cardi- target
white t- wal*mark (men's 5 pack)
scarf- not sure
flowers- made by me
jeans- maurices
shoes- red bobs (kinda like toms but sketchers makes them)
i had one of my confirmation girls tell me that toms were bad for my feet, at least thats what her doctor told her. yea, they probs are, but they're cute & comfy :)
Thursday Sept. 27:
*so i may or may not have deleted pictures off of my phone before i wrote this post and i may or may not have had to 're-take' the picture from instagram. oops!
this day i worked in the am than headed to hometown, mn to watch my alma matter take on my new town in volleyball. my high school's colors are red & white and my new town's are blue & yellow. i was conflicted when i got dressed so i decided to cheer for both teams :)
plaid shirt- target
blue skinnies- JCP
yellow scarf- idk
flowers- made by me
shoes- red bobs
aviators- wal*mart ($5!!)
Friday Sept. 28:
peace tee day! LOVE my peace tee. i probs should've got another one when shannon was hosting another sale...
peace tee- shannon's friend
cardi- target
jeans- maurices
Saturday i slept in, then went swimming at the local middle school pool with kids from church, then the mr i rented a movie and grilled burgers for dinner. i didn't really get dressed all day long :)
Sunday Sept. 30
the kids that i took to the national gathering this summer led worship so we all wore a shirt from the gathering. it's a fun color :) and it was so awesome to watch them lead worship and share a bit of their experience with the congregation here at home as a way to say thank you for the support they got.
shirt- gathering tee shirt
flowers- made by me
jeans- dollhouse- these are the same ones that i wore last week with my boots!!
i did throw a pair of flip flops from old navy on before i walked out the door- they just aren't in this picture. the mr was not happy with me this morning :S i have to be at church at 8 because i have responsibilities at both church services every sun morn and he prefers to come to the 10:30 serivce so he was still trying to sleep... sorry hunny!!
Sunday Sept. 30 (part 2)
just like last week i had to change into a vikings shirt to cheer for our team!
it's amazing how one shirt can change or even how you're standing can change how you feel about yourself! i think i look pretty good in that blue shirt just above this and i'm not really digging this outfit!
shirt- some dinky tee shirt shop in new orleans... really have no idea the name of it!
flower- made by me
jeans- dollhouse
Monday Oct 1
this shirt came out of my challenge pile and i'm still unsure about it. it doesn't really do a whole lot for me...
shirt- gap
blue tank- target
jean jacket- old navy
shirt- target
sandals- target
Monday Oct 1 (part dos)
i went to watch the powder puff football game as part of homecoming week yesterday afternoon and the skirt and sandals combo wasn't warm enough.
jacket- old navy
scarf- no idea
flowers- made by me
blue cardi- nordstrom rack
jeans- maurices
knock off chucks- wal*mart
super comfy outfit but it still wasn't warm enough :(
Tuesday Oct 1
isn't that a nice work bathroom picture?
cardi- target
black tee- JCP
necklace- premier desings
jeans- maurices
knock off toms- k*mart
these hurt my feet a little in the back so i'll have to wear them on days when i don't walk alot to break them in. but they're fun and sparkly!!
last week i told you that there were still some things on my 'closet' wishlist.
i got 2 of them!! a cheeta/leopard scarf at wal*mart from $3.72 and
brown/gold aviators at wal*mart for $5!! whoop whoop!!
love, mrs. k


  1. I think I have the same tan cardi from target. Love it and it's one of my favorite staples of my closet. Wish I would have gotten one in every color.

  2. love that red scarf! thank God for Instagram lol

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