October 15, 2012

project pinterest

linking up with ilymtc again for some project pinterest fun!
this week i worked on my halloween mantel.
i decided that i wanted to make a bunting to hang, so i turned to pinterest for some ideas.
here is some of what i pinned:
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that link takes you to an etsy shop but they no longer have this bunting avaliable. but they have lots of other really cute stuff.
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this one is a pin that doesn't go anywhere :(
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this one takes you to a link about etching glass- not really sure how the bunting fits in...
i knew that i would make my own and i knew that i wanted words.
so i busted out my cricut (the mr was so happy to see me using that),
and cut out shapes and letters.
the shapes are from the cricut classic cartridge (the one that comes with it),
and the letters are from the feelin groovy cartridge (pretty sure i got that one on black friday at menards). some of the letters look like harry potter letters to me- like that 'w'.
then i taped the letters to some old thin hemp/twine that i had and added small clothes pins. i probably didn't need to tape them first but i wanted to be sure that they wouldn't fall down.
then it went on the mantle.
yes, we just have a mantle, not a real fireplace... maybe some day.
ps- the brown colored candle in the middle is called campfire (from wal*mart) and it actually kinda smells like one. so we can pretend that we have a real fireplace
i added some oragne lights. but i'm not sure if i like them. as i'm looking at this picture now i feel like the lights need to come down the right side, it's looking a little lopsided now.
i made the pumpkin on the bottom left a few weeks ago.
i had seen these beautiful light up pumpkins at pier one and target and i really really wanted one but they were super spendy. i had the wire at home to make the base/inside. then i found these small twine wreaths in a two pack in the dollar section at target, and orange lights in the halloween decor section and made my own. not in love with it, just in like :)
the black frame is new- usually there is a white one there. but i printed that subway art off of pinterest too and it just didn't seem right in a white frame.
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she offers 3 sizes to download- i did the 8x10. i just print mine on my own, i don't send them out somewhere or order them.
there is a resturant in our northern town called the black cat. the mr keeps thinking that this is from there. nope sure isn't :)
check out ilymtc to see what everyone else made this week!
love, mrs. k

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