September 1, 2012

things i've learned

here are some random things that i have learned since being in rochester my family (some of these things i already knew... they're just resurfacing):

*target, wal*mart, & jcpenny's only sell men's robes at christmas time. weird right?

*a $5 mani doesn't last 5 days when you're stressed out

*there are lots of crafts that i can do on the floor of a hospital room

*seeing kids in the hospital (being worked on) might be the saddest thing in the world

*i can survive on a rediculously small amount of good sleep each night

*there are some super cute scrubs out there these days. i almost wish i was a nurse so i didn't have to think about what to wear everyday

*fountain diet coke is amazing

*being there is more impotant than saying the "right" thing and sometimes there is no "right" thing to say

in other news: my loved one that is in the hospital is doing great! the doc.s are very happy with the progress. we're going on lots of walks & sitting up in the chair for longer periods of time. more and more tubes are coming out each day and we're becoming more and more independent. we ate solid foods for the first time this morning (well, we had pudding last night) and it went well. i feel a little silly saying "we" because i've been eating solid foods all week :) but it's the easiest way to protect our patients privacy. thanks for understanding.

we've had some family and friends that have been able to visit which has been great. it's always nice to know that you're loved and cared for. but it's exhausting. we're all tired at the end of the day, like really tired.

we're renting a house in rochester which is amazing. there is a group of houses that are avaliable to rent here. you pay by the night but you have to rent it for at least a week and there is no max on how long you can rent. it's genious. expecially in a town like rochester where people come from all over the world for surgery and cancer treatment and they sometimes have to stay for a long time. our house is really cute. it has 2 bedrooms with double beds and a loft with 2 double beds in it. it only has 1 bathroom but that's ok. we have a full kitchen, living room and dining room too. the only thing that i miss staying in the house rather than a hotel is a hot tub. but we've been at the hospital til 10:30 or 11 each night so we wouldn't have been able to enjoy a hot tub anyway.

sorry if some of this is a repeat of what i told you yesterday- i got interruped yesterday and didn't proof before i published. also, i want to remember all of this later so it's ok if i get it down more than once :)

hope you're having a great saturday!
love, mrs. k

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