September 24, 2012

cookie fail

so, last fall i made these a couple of times and they were delish:
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home-made butterfing bars. oh my gosh! so good!! and so easy. you melt candy corn, mix it with peanut butter, pour it into a pan, let it cool, cut into squares, and dip it in chocolate. enjoy.
but this fall i wanted to take it a step farther. i wanted make them into cookies. the bars were good but they were hard to store and with the chocolate on the outside they were a little messy to eat. so i thought if i could make them in a cookie form they'd be great.
since the bars call for candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate i knew i had to use all three of those things but i didn't want to stray to far away from those ingredients.
so i started with peanut butter cookies. simple enough. used this recipe from pinterest:

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i thought that since this was martha's recipe they'd be great. wrong. they were the dryest peanut butter cookies i have ever eaten. even. and i like peanut butter cookies.
but i was determined, so i used the dough. probs mistake #1.
i assembled my supplies:
and got to baking
for my first batch i measured out my 6 cookies:
side note: i love my cookie scoop that i got from pampered chef for a bridal shower gift. use it all the time. medium scoop for cookies. i got the small scoop too but idk what to use it for.
then i flattened the cookies out, put choco chips and a few candy corn pieces in the middle then folded them back up
y'all, i'm going to be honest with you. i really thought this would work. i thought the candy corn & chocolate would melt & join with the peanut butter cookie and taste like a butterfinger.
no dice. 2 of the cookies exploded out the side and i had hard as rock candy corn goo on my cookie sheet. the other four were burnt on the bottom and hard in the middle. martha told me to bake these cookies for 18-22 min. i baked them for 15 and checked on the often cuz i was worried about the candy corn.
so for my next batch i tried to melt the candy corn first, so i could mix it in with my peanut butter dough. well, when you melt candy corn in the microwave it gets hard like right away. so i thought i'd try a different route:
a double boiler
now, this was my 1st experience with a double boiler. how do you get things to melt in one of these?? all of my steam escaped between the bowl and the pot. so i ended up melting them in the microwave anyway. then mixing in dough and choco chips.
well the choco chips started to melt before even making it into the oven because the candy corn was hot enough to heat up the dough and melt the choco chips. awesome.
those 6 ended up being burnt on the bottoms and falling apart when i tried to take them off of the pan.
so my last ditch effort was to make them like my mom makes peanut butter cup cookies at chrismas. in her mini muffin tin:
i mixed the choco chips in with the peanut butter dough, put a small ball of dough in each muffin spot, baked it then stuck a candy corn in each cookie hopeing it would melt. nope, no melting here. cookies weren't hot enough even tho they were right out of the oven.
so with the remaining dough, enought for 10 cookies. i make regular peanut butter cookies with choco chips mixed in. the mr is eating them with his lunch this week. poor guy.
love, mrs. k



  1. Wow I admire your perseverance. I would have given up after the first try. If you need a really good peanut butter cookie recipe, I have one. I love them and I have gotten many compliments on them. Hmm... that just made me hungry!!

  2. I hate when something doesn't turn out like I want it too!! Such a waste - but good girl for trying and trying!

    I need some cookies in my life soon.