September 14, 2012

Halloween wreath

I pinned this wreath on my holiday board on pinterest a while back:
Pinned Image
That's just a link to my pin because the pin doesn't take you to a tutorial. Grrr...
But while we were cruising around Hobby Lobby last week I noticed that they had tulle on sale. And the sell wooden letters at HL. Things started brewing.
I bought two rolls of black tulle (at 50% off!) and one of glittery orange (also 50% off!). Then found the letters I needed and some oragne paint to match the tulle. I also had to buy paint brushes since we were in Rochester with my loved one and I didn't have all of my craft supplies with.
I forgot to take a supplies picture. Oops! But I used the tulle that I bought, wire that I already had to form the wreath (I get mine at L&M Fleet Supply, reasonable priced and you can use it for a bunch of crafts. Or you could use a wire hanger for this- just untwist it at the top & reform it into a circle), the letters that I got, orange paint, a paint brush, and fabric scissors.
I started by painting my letters. I think I painted 6 coats, it was the watery-est paint I have ever bought! But it was the right color. Give and take I guess.
Then I made my wreath form. I laid the letters out in about the spacing that I wanted then I made my wreath big enough to fit around them. It's pretty big- that's a 'normal' size fabric scissor in the middle!
Next was cutting and tying the tulle to the wreath. This part takes forever!! But it was a great craft to do in the hospital because I didn't have to be super focused on it, it's mindless, and I could walk away at any time to give my attention to something else (ie- the doctors and nurses). How long you cut the tulle is up to you, it's all about how fluffy you want your wreath. I like mine to be fluffly but not long. My pieces of tulle were probably 6 inches long, then I cut them in 1/2 length wise (so instead of 5 inches wide they were only 2.5) so they'd be easier to tie. That black roll of tulle is 25 yards long, I used two of them to fill that whole wreath!!
What it looked like all filled up with black tulle.
Just waiting for the letters.
Finished product!
I used the orange tulle to string the letters onto the wreath. All I did was wrap the orange tulle around the letters- at the top of the straight part of the 'b' and then around each side of both 'o's and to hang it.

I have three more of these that I'm looking to sell! $20 each plus shipping. Let me know if you want one :)
And I started working on my Halloween costume! Apparently fall is on my mind!
Love, Mrs. K

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