August 31, 2012


hi friends. someone very close to me had to have a major surgery this week. it was planned- no scary accidents or anything. but it is has been a long, hard, trying week. this person requested that info about the surgery/connecting it to them not be splashed all over facebook/the internets so to request thier privacy all you will know is that it is someone close to me.

i was prepared for this. i was prepared for surgery day to be hard and to cry. i was prepared to not really like the hospital. i was not prepared for the recovery part to be so draining on everyone involved. when we go back to our rental house every night we are all exhausted and emotional. my body hurts all over. and i feel so torn to have to leave here at night and not stay with my loved one.

we all know that this surgery will make our loved ones life better but it is so hard to see them hooked up to everything. and it is so hard to let someone else care for them. i know that we are at one of the best facilities in the world, we are at st. mary's hospital in rochester, mn which is a part of the mayo clinic. for the surgery that my loved one had there are 3 places in north america to go- Mayo, Clevland, OH, or Tonronto. thankfully Mayo is just about a 5 hour drive from hometown, mn.

my loved one will be fine. they are expected to make a full recovery and the doctors are happy with how surgery went, and their life will be better. but it is so hard to see them in the hospital. i don't really like hospitals.

love, mrs. k


  1. So sorry to read this :( I must have missed this somehow! Reading more current - it appears they are doing better which is GREAT news!!