September 21, 2012

Craft Sale

I did it. I put myself out there.

I've said for a long time that I want to sell my crafts. But I've always had an excuse for why I haven't sold them, there has always been something stopping me. First I wanted to have somewhat of a 'stock pile' incase it really took off, I didn't want to run out of things. Then I talked myself out of it because really? Who would want to buy my stuff? After that what I was making wasn't good enough, it wasn't a high enough quality. But I'm done now. I'm out there.

And you can check it out here:
A sample of what's there:
I would love to be able to sell crafts full time. To go to street faires, craft shows, and flea markets. To have crafts be my source of income. But right now that is not a reality. My job provides 1/2 of our steady income (with student loans and car payments/insurance we need steady income x2), my job also provides insurance for both the Mr and I. So, for now, it's just a hobby and maybe it'll put a few extra dollars in my pocket (for my diet coke and hobby lobby addictions).
If you see something that you like, or you've seen me do a tutorial of something that you want- let me know and we'll figure out shipping to get it to you. I'm willing to do cutosm stuff too- wreaths in the color of your college or the team that you cheer for, Christmas tutus or birthday tutus (they can be done in any size), just let me know!
Love, Mrs. K

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