September 10, 2012

i hate technology

there, i said it. i hate technology. i probably could not live without it and i'm a little addicted to my iphone but i hate it.

i hate the people that it makes us into. seriously- when did we start caring more about this virtual world and people that we may or may not know in person than the people that we're actually with? when i took church kids to new orleans this summer i realized how much i hated technology. they were on their phones the whole time. ok- i get calling your mom to check in. but being on facebook every 5 minutes? i'm gulity of it too- not just the kids. and i hated seeing that in myself.

then last week when we were at the hospital it drove me nuts when people were on their ipads and couldn't go anywhere without them (i'm looking at you- really? you had to bring it to lunch with you?). i understand that technology and advances in how we do things keep alot of people alive and keep hospitals running and make hospital visitis shorter. but at some point we have to say enough is enough and just talk to the people that we are with.

glaring example (aside from ipads at the hospital) the Mr and I went to the UND football game on Saturday evening. the woman sitting directly to my left was with her significant other (my guess is her hubs, but i'm not sure) and they seemed to know the younger couple sitting to their left. the woman was on her phone for most of the 1st half of the game. on facebook. she was for sure old enough to be my mother. what the...? you paid money to come to this game, you're with three people that you know, and you're on facebook?!? i don't get it. i'm guilty of it and i still don't get it.

but i am taking small steps to be more aware of how big of a role i let technology play in my life. i love me some instagram but i don't follow anyone, i just use it to take cute pictures of things that i do. i've toyed with the idea of getting rid of facebook on my phone but i don't know if i'm ready for that.


on a side note- the Mr and i got married 9 months ago today! say what? can't believe it's been that long already. this weekend we started talking about what we want to do to celebrate our one year anniversary. uff da. we're such an old married couple :)

happy monday!
love, mrs. k

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